Wine with a Cause
When it comes to wine, as with beer, we can order any brand that is carried by our Vermont distributors. As you may be aware, we prefer to stock wines that give some or all of their profits to charity or certain causes. Whether these vineyards are fighting against deforestation or breast cancer, or they are helping to give medicine and support to sick children, you can feel confident that your wine purchases at Mountain Meadows Lodge are contributing to a greater cause.

Two of our wine providers plant trees in previously deforested areas.  You probably know that more than half of the world's rainforests have already been cut down! While that is a depressing fact, you can know that for every bottle of Trinity Oaks Pinot Grigio you drink, a tree is being planted, with nearly 15 million trees planted to date! Check out the link below for the most recent estimate. One Hope Sauvignon Blanc donates half of its proceeds to reforestation in Asia, Africa, and South America, and you can check out their website (see below) to see that One Hope has not just planted over 50,000 trees, but they have also contributed to a number of different causes through their various types of wines.

Breast Cancer is the third most deadly form of cancer in terms of mortality, and it only affects half of the world's population. The Handcraft Winery realizes this, which is why they have created the Handcraft Cares organization. When you drink a glass of our Handcraft Malbec, you can know that you are supporting a winery that, despite their small size, has managed to donate over $270,000 since 2012 to breast cancer research, prevention, and awareness programs. 

Sickness in children is a very sad thing and we know that millions of children worldwide are afflicted by preventable tropical diseases. One Hope realizes this, which is why their Merlot donates half of its proceeds to giving underprivileged children medicine to prevent these diseases. To date, 33,312 children have benefitted from this program. Our Save Me San Francisco line of Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay also helps sick children by donating all of their proceeds to the Family House organization:. This organization provides housing to the families of sick children that live more than 50 miles from the hospitals where their children are receiving care, allowing parents to remain with their children.

We also carry a few other wines (a fine Shiraz, a Reisling, and a white zinfandel) and we continue our search for popular varietals that support a charitable endeavor and match our standard of quality.

We hope that you too will enjoy our Wines with a Cause, but, certainly let us know if there is a specific wine with special meaning in your relationship, and we'll see if we can stock it. 
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Vendor News
Lauren from Lulu Pouf stopped by the other day to share some cotton candy - one of them was maple! Check out her web page or facebook page for some really unique wedding favors and services.
On the Lake....
Not only is the lake stunningly beautiful, it's terrific for boating, paddle boarding,fishing and swimming.  We have a few boats and some fishing poles for kids. 

Keep your eyes out for a bald eagle that has been returning to the lake for a few years.  A pair of breeding loons has been returning for 6 years!  There are heron and some other aquatic birds.  If you're bringing the kids, make sure you grab some grain or bread for the ducks and geese.

The lake is stocked with rainbow trout and brook trout.  There are also bass in the lake.  In the last few years there have been 4-5 stockings in April and June and we anticipate a similar schedule this year.
Guests can purchase a fishing license online and print it on the MML printer.

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More Frequently asked questions
What "DIY touches" should we strongly consider?
  • We urge you to do a welcome letter that outlines times and suggestions for activities and lunch spots. If you like, include "secrets" like the nearby waterfalls, devil's gorge, rope swings, quarries, tucked away mountain biking trails, etc. There are samples here. Feel free to send us a draft and we'll review it for you.
  • Feel free to bring bottled water and snacks.
  • Arrange for a shuttle service so that guests don't have to drive back to a neighboring hotel after partying.
  • Building an "emergency kit" for your guests is nice. Fill it with travel size toothpaste, mouthwash, toothbrushes, chap stick, bug spray, and the like.
  • Bag up some corn, oats or apples for folks to feed the animals. Guests love it, animals love it--it's win/win!
  • Supply drinking glasses for your guests to fill and refill while they are here for your event and for them to take home as wedding favors. Consider ball jars with handles, mason jars, pint glasses, pilsners or something similar. Ribbons attached to the glass with the guests name on it... A bunch of"glass-writing" pens for your guest to write their own name. Of course, you can get fancy and have them embossed with YOUR NAMES on them too! Environmentally "green", economical, practical... win-win-win!

Can we bring our own lawn games?

Can we bring our kayaks?

Can we bring our own craft brew?
No. Since we have a Vermont liquor license, we have to obey all Vermont liquor laws and so do you.
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