Easter is especially special for us this year. Just a few weeks ago we visited the garden tomb in Jerusalem. We went inside and l
ooked carefully -- Jesus is not there. We have vised the sites where great religious leaders were laid o rest. their remains preserved . Jesus’ tomb is so much different. because it is empty.

HE IS RISEN. Rejoice dear child of God!

Though we did not see Jesus at a religious site, we DID SEE Jesus. We saw Him in the Syrian refugee camps of Bekaa Valley - in Iraqi "squats" and violence ravaged ghetto's of Beirut-i n the eyes of His people & cries of  the hopeless. I pray we can leave bunnies, chicks, colored eggs and candy in the background this year to celebrate truth.   Jesus Christ is still alive today. His power still engages the most critical needs of our day.

Only HIS RESURRECTION power can turn their terrible pain to promise.

We celebrate resurrection today and LEAVE FOR AFRICA on Tuesday. We are truly excited as we prepare for the largest Africa leadership conference in Global Teen Challenge history. Dr. Weaver has gathered almost 300 registrants from 28 nations coming together in Kigali Rwanda for a powerful time of ministry and vision casting with a TC Global leadership team headed up by Dr. Jerry Nance and Kevin Tyler. Please pray Africa.


God gave me a Resurrection song some years ago. I hope you can take a few minutes to sing and celebrate with us and that you will be blessed by the message and images..

The Stone was Dancin' ...
~ ~ It didn't just roll away

At Teen Challenge we celebrate resurrection 365 days of the year. This video is our Easter gift to you in honor of His gift to us.

The Stone Was Dancin-2015 from Bernie Gillott on Vimeo.

Through the Resurrection, the basic foundation of existence was altered once and for all.  The brokenness of our hurting world was laid upon Jesus. His sacrifice tore a hole in normal history. If the grace He brought flowed from the cross in forgiveness , then the explosion of God's power in the resurrection demonstrates His supremacy and ability to change us forever.. The empty tomb transformed THE CROSS, from an enduring image a of disgrace, shame and death,to the the everlasting symbol of Hope and promise!
We are praying Resurrection promise for you and your family here in 2017

To share a RESURRECTION GIFT you can help to send us on to Africa this week. We are not salaried by Global Teen Challenge. Your partnership provides the resources we need to keep our unfunded international commitments Sow seed to launch us to the front lines and, as God permits, behind enemy lines.

We can answer their invitations to come because your partnership. Because you give, we can GO!
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Snapshots of Hope
The promise of hope and God's love offer a warmth that blankets and fuel cannot. CLICK HERE FOR A PHOTO ALBUM of the faces of these children that touched us so deeply. When we left some of the children cried. I'll never forget the face of the little girl in the purple as she looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, "Please pray, don't forget us." Will you please take a moment, view, and pray for them.