February 22, 2018
Week 1, Day 4
"Fasting" from: Water | Some strategies: shorter showers, don't leave the sink running, collect and reuse

Good morning! Okay, it's not the morning anymore . . . It was when I shot this video. I'm going to try my best to get these emails out at 6am every day for all you early birds. So far, I'm having varied degrees of success. Is that the case with your carbon fast so far, or are you running with it already?

So, in addition to reducing our carbon footprint, one of our goals in these 40 days is to be "in the wilderness" with people today who lack access to some of the basic utilities we take for granted, who are affected by extreme weather, and who are quite literally in the wilderness due to migration from drought, poverty, or war.

In today's video, Advent member Elba tells us how her family, friends, and her people in Puerto Rico are doing accessing water in the months since Hurricanes Irma and Maria devastated the island.


Today's Daily Action
Time: 5-15 minutes

Share the gift of water with someone who needs it today. Whether it's a glass for a parched family member or coworker, a bottle (although preferably not a plastic one, carbon fasters) for someone you pass by today, or a donation of water to Peurto Rico.

What a more meaningful way to use our gift of water than leaving the sink running!
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