Saint Patrick's Day is this Friday
(just in case you hadn't heard)
We're ready to help you celebrate St. Patrick's Day at The Flaming Ice Cube. 

Wearing green?  Friday is going to be cold. We can keep you green and warm with our knitted stocking hats. 

Thinking of something more stylish and subtle?  We have a beautiful selection of earrings, bracelets and charms in varying shades of green.

Drinking green, but not into green beer?  Try our Republic of Tea green teas?  We have a wide variety of green teas.  Be a little daring and out of the box with our Matcha teas.  We have a Lean Green Tea that is a blend of Match and Green Tea, or we have a Matcha Chai powder.  You can be unique without green beer!

Staying in and avoiding the crowds Friday evening?  Relax in a bath scented with our Shamrock Bath Bomb.

You can celebrate St. Patrick's Day anyway you choose, and we are always lucky to serve you!
Lucky Leprechaun Bath Bomb
Limited Edition

This St. Patrick's Day inspired bath treat will leave your skin soft, nourished, and ready for whatever the day (or night) may bring!  The fresh "shamrock" scent will soothe your spirit and revitalize your psyche.  Get yours soon - before they're gone like a leprechaun!
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