Farmily Staff and Alumni Newsletter
July  2015!
What's been going on since you last heard from us?
Summer is in full swing!  We had a record breaking 1900+ transactions on July 3rd between the Market and our Old South Wharf store. The previous record was 1700. Great job everyone on keeping all the produce in, shelves stocked and lines moving! I worked at the Farmstand that day and heard nothing but great feedback all day and fielded plenty of calls to see if we had a particular item so people could avoid going to Stop & Shop. I'm happy to say I was able to say yes to just about everything except diapers. 
The end of June brought us our season kick-off Pizza Party which was a great chance for everyone to get together and meet the rest of the Farmily.  
Our first annual Strawberry Festival went off without a hitch and promises to be a fun and growing event. The big tent in the fields is up and will house events like the Yoga Festival, Nantucket Art & Artisans Show to benefit Small Friends, the Nantucket Historical Association Antique & Design show.  In the Garden Center, we are hosting 'Blooming Bids for Kids' and will also host the Doggie Fashion show "Dressed to the K-nines" which is a fundraiser for Nantucket Safe Harbor for Animals.  Lots of fun stuff to look forward to!

We are happy to welcome Whitney Butler back to the Farmily as the Customer Service Manager. Whitney grew up on Nantucket and went to school at Mississippi State University. She worked for the Farm as a Lead Cashier Supervisor off and on in 2012 and 2013 before moving to the Washington, DC area. We were happy to be able to lure her back to Nantucket with a year-round position leading the Cashier team. Congratulations on your new role, Whitney!  
Get to know your fellow Farmily members! 
Will Schultz, Chase Troxell and Owen Farrell are the latest additions to the Stocker team in the Market. 
Chris Brunt from North Carolina and Dan Negreata from Moldova/Romania are both prep cooks in the Kitchen. 
Helen Fore is from Oklahoma and is working as a Cashier
Nicoleta Racu is from Moldova/Romania and just joined the Sandwich team. 
Cristian Racu is also from Moldova and is Nicoleta's twin brother.  He works as a Stocker on the Cooler team so you'll find him in Winterfell or the Land Beyond the Wall. 

Hugo Mancia goes to Nantucket High School and is working as a Stocker.  
Andre Lucier just moved here from Franklin, MA and is working here as a Cashier.  
Campbell Goldsmith is from Connecticut and is working at the Kitchen Counter. 
Tim Earle goes to Nantucket High School with Hugo and has joined him on the Stocker team. 
Our annual season Kick-off Pizza Party took place on June 22nd it was great to get the whole Farmily together! 

Andrew took a moment to recognize Tan La for being a
​standout member of the Farm Grown crew. 

Sarah got a little emotional in presenting Drew Smith with his recognition for being such a valued team member and Cashier Supervisor. 
Neil recognized 3 of his key Kitchen Staff members, Cassius Walcott, Stehanie Guzman-Garcia and Devon Francis.  

Sarah was surprised on her last day when John stopped all traffic in the store at the registers to let everyone know how grateful we were to her for all her hard work and commitment to the Farm. Her desk had been decorated when she came in and Devon made a cake.  She was presented with a gift card to her favorite restaurant, Dune. We hope you enjoy your retirement, Sarah! You will be missed! 
There's a whole Island out there.....

It is now July and there's even more fun stuff happening on island. 
Some fun things to keep in mind: 
Stargazing Nights at the Maria Mitchell Observatory every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9pm.  The Loines Observatory is on Milk Street and it's a really cool experience on a starry night!  We are also working on organizing another Stars and Senses Night Hike with Maria Mitchell interns in exchange for giving their interns a farm tour. We love the reciprocal relationships with have with other island businesses and non-profits! 

The Nantucket Carnival will be at Tom Never's Field every night between July 10th to August 1st from 6 to 10pm.  Big slice of Americana for you right here!  Check it out, but don't forget to bring some cash for games, rides and fried dough! 

More good stuff coming up around the Farm! 
July 15 – Farm to Table Dinner 
July 16 – 19 - Small Friends Event Under The Tent 
24th Annual The Nantucket Art & Artisans Show to benefit Small Friends
July 31 – Blue Moon Farm to Table Dinner ​
July 29-August 3 Nantucket Historical Association Antiques and Design Show of Nantucket 
August 15 - Nantucket Boys and Girls Club Summer Groove at the Boys & Girls Club

Get out your cameras and send us your pictures!
We know our employees are creative and take great photos, and we want you to share!
If you have taken any fun, cool or artistic photos of Staff, the Farm, the Island or the Sunset, please send them to with the subject line
"Photo Contest". If you have several photos, please send them only one or 2 at a time if they are large. You may also use Dropbox.
A panel will judge the top 3 pictures in each category and prizes will be awarded at the End-of-Summer Party and will be seen at the slide show at the same event. They may also be used at the registers, in the Farm Dirt and Facebook if appropriate. Photo credits given where possible. We love to see the Farm through your lens! Send pictures by August 10th. 
Where are they now?
Some of you will remember our Farmily Members, Zuzana and Tomas Bazgar from Czech Republic.  They were merely dating when they worked with us in 2006-2007, and I'm happy they've stayed in touch to share news as they got married and their family has grown. Zuzana recently had this to say:
Dear Laura, 
Thank you for the Newsletter, what a flashback of those two lovely seasons we spent with you guys!  

We have two boys: David (4) and Richard (1).

At the moment, I am at home with the boys, planning to go back to teaching when Richard grows a little bit more, probably to the state sector this time to be able to enjoy the benefits and free summers with them. 

Tomas works as a bartender in a very nice hotel where he meets a lot of foreigners so luckily he has not forgotten all his English :-)
Even after that many years we remember you with Tomas with a lot of appreciation and love, you do a fantastic job there :-)

Have a great season, it is so nice to see how well the farm is doing.
Many greetings to everybody!!!!
Love Zuzana and Tomas
PS: as you can see, Tomas is still faithful to his farm vest :-)
Hi Laura,
 How are you keeping? I trust things at the farm are still as busy as ever. I've seen Instagram pictures of the yummy strawberries and have been wishing I was back with ye for a loooooong time! 
 I am currently in the middle of a Masters programme in Business and Education at the aim of becoming a secondary (high school equivalent) teacher. During this summer I am working with HP as a brand ambassador in my home town so keeping busy!
I love reading all the farmily newsletters you send out thank you! I was sad to see that Sarah is retiring she will be so missed I am sure. You can tell them I miss my entire farmily and think of them all many times throughout the year!
 Many thanks for all your work, I'll be back on Nantucket someday!
Kind regards,
Olivia Cumisky (Irish Farmily member from 2012)
Rip currents are common on Nantucket and can be a scary thing if you get caught in one. It's important to remember not to panic, familiarize yourself with the Rip Current Safety below and SWIM WITH A BUDDY!   Here is an interesting video that explains Rip Currents even more and how they work. 
Occasionally I like to share articles that I think will help our employees develop professionally- here's one with some good things to remember. 

Seven Things That Brand You Unprofessional
Being professional has always meant taking one's obligations seriously, but at one time being professional was also assumed to mean being stiff and formal. A lot of people still have that idea in their minds.
I have been called 'unprofessional' for a lot of silly reasons, like wearing a shade of pink lipstick that someone thought was too vivid, or for telling the truth when no one else in the room wanted the truth to be told.
Gradually I realized that people throw the term 'unprofessional' around for several different reasons.
There are behaviors, of course, that are actually unprofessional and that will tarnish your reputation. We'll talk about seven of them in a minute. 
Sometimes when people say 'That's unprofessional' they mean that something you've done or said makes them uncomfortable. Whatever you did or said might be the most professional thing anyone in your company has ever done!
Professional doesn't mean stiff and staid. It means ethical. It means upright. A profession is a calling, not just a job. When you are professional, you act with the highest standards of integrity and regard for your organization's welfare, not to mention the best interests of its customers, employees and shareholders.
What sorts of behaviors qualify as professional, using our definition? It is professional to tell the truth, especially when it is hard to do so. It is professional to treat your customers, vendors and employees as valued collaborators. 
It is professional to remember that no job title or business card can excuse or give cover to rude or less-than-compassionate behaviors. Going to work doesn't mean giving up your humanity, no matter how fervently people may tell you that it does.
Here are seven things that will brand you as unprofessional -- make sure you're steering clear of all seven!
Dropping Your Commitments
Everyone says "I keep my commitments" but virtually none of the hiring managers and recruiters who tell job-seekers "We'll get back with you in a few days" actually do that. Your word is a heavy thing. It's a big commitment for you to say "Here's what I'm going to do."
You have to actually do it, then. You can't make excuses for yourself. It's very unprofessional to do that.  [This is why I ask applicants to follow up with me.  With over 600 applications a year, I don't want to over-promise and under-deliver!]
Blowing off a promise to a job-seeker, of course, is not the only way to shirk your commitments. If you said you're going to finish a project or call a customer, you have to do it, even when it's inconvenient and you're tired. 
Blaming Other People for Your Mistakes
Our client Maggie was seven weeks into a client engagement and running into roadblocks. "The Sales VP who hired me for this consulting gig says the company's Marketing department is slowing her down, and delaying the project," said Bridget.
"I called the Marketing VP just to talk. I didn't throw her colleague, the Sales VP, under the bus. I just asked the Marketing VP what she knew about the logjam and how I could help sort things out.
"She told me a radically different story than my own client did. She told me that the Sales VP had announced at a meeting that our project was on hold for budget reasons.
"She said the Sales VP told her colleagues she had gone over her budget and needed to delay our project to make up the shortfall.
"I can't work that way. I set up a call with my client to clear the air. She blamed her colleague in Marketing again on the phone with me, so I asked her to pay me for my time so far and I closed up the project. She begged me to reconsider but I can't work with someone who blames other people for their mistakes. That is incredibly unprofessional."
Attending Professional Events Impaired
Alcohol is a social lubricant and often found at business dinners and networking events. Imbibing too much of a good thing is highly unprofessional. Err on the side of caution and drink less than you feel you could.
 That way, you won't trash your professional reputation for the sake of a slightly more intense buzz. As much as you may feel that your elevated state improves your decision-making or conversational skills, you're wrong.
Assaulting Other People's Senses
People have five primary senses, and it's unprofessional to invade any of them at work. Don't eat hot food at your workstation, because people don't want to smell what you've cooked for your lunch while they're trying to get their work done.
It's not okay to talk loudly at your desk because no one wants to hear your phone conversations (or your radio, for that matter). If you ride your bike or run at lunch, take a shower, change your shirt, or re-apply deodorant before you start working again.
Don't chew the ice in your drink at staff meetings. Your manners prove your professionalism or shortage thereof. Be mindful!
Throwing Your Co-Workers to the Wolves
When someone goofs up at work, you can let them know about the error compassionately. It's never professional to bust people for their mistakes either one-on-one or in a group setting. What if it were you on the hot seat? 
Cutting Corners
They say there is exactly enough time in life to do the things that need to be done. You broadcast your professionalism every time you answer the phone, reply to an email message or do any part of your job, so take the time to do them right!
Everybody knows the annoyance of getting an email reply that makes it clear the person who responded to your message didn't read it. Take a moment, settle down and do your job as thoughtfully as you can, even when you're under pressure.
Badmouthing Your Employer or Its Associates
If you hate your job, you owe it to yourself and your employer to leave. As long as you are employed, you must not criticize your employer to anyone who has or might have a relationship with the firm. It is very badly-brought-up to do so. 
It takes two to tango, and you are part of the dance! Take responsibility for everything that has happened to you and realize that it's all learning. If your boss is a jerk, s/he's your jerk, because you accepted the job! 

Ron Burgundy's sign-off "Stay classy, San Diego!" is good advice even for those of us who live many time zones away. People will remember the way you handle yourself years after they met you. What would you like them to remember you for?

by Liz Ryan
CEO and Founder, Human Workplace
Let us know what you are up to!  Pictures, articles and updates are always welcome from current and alumni Farmily members.  Email