December 4th, 2019
Prayers for the Entertainment Industry
Dear HPN,

It's the Christmas season and we are so thankful to be able to celebrate the birth of Jesus this month! Let's spend December in an attitude of awe for our Savior and think about how much He loves us and the people in Hollywood. Let's give Him thanks and praise...
Brad Pitt's spiritual journey

Since Kanye West has started his Sunday Services, other celebrities have started talking about their faith in response to his boldness. Let's praise God that Brad Pitt has attended Kanye's services and is on a spiritual journey, and that because of his Christian roots, he may embrace Jesus as his savior.
DreamWorks prayer walk

Praise God for an amazing HPN Hollywood Chapter Prayer Walk at DreamWorks Studio last Saturday. A group of industry pros walked around the lot and prayed for the people, the projects and the specific issues in both their live action and animation departments at DreamWorks, and they made an eternal difference! If you are working on a studio lot and want to have a team of people come and pray for you, please email us back and let us know.
Director of The Two Popes

We praise God for this update from an HPN member: "I was at an advanced screening and Q&A of The Two Popes and the director Fernando Meirelles spoke. He said that before starting to work on the project, he was agnostic but through working on the film (which examines the papacy of Pope Benedict & Pope Francis) he has decided he 'believes in something.' It's exciting to see how God has been stirring at Fernando's heart through the creation of the film." Let's be praying that God won't relent until Fernando follows Him.
Writers Guild and agencies conflict

Thank you for praying for the issue between the Writers Guild and agencies for the last several months. This week the conflict is now in the courts with a lawsuit that the agencies have filed against the WGA. A hearing is set for this Friday to determine whether to dismiss the lawsuit, so please pray for God's discernment and wisdom for all involved in this case. The results of this week will continue to impact the entire industry's professional and personal relationships.
Nickelodeon/Netflix deal

Let's pray for the new deal between Nickelodeon and Netflix, as they create children's programming together for today's kids. Please pray for wisdom in making decisions and creating the content and characters; for more Christians to be a part of the leadership team; and for healthy relationships between the teams as they work together.
Pray for Shia LaBeouf

Pray for Shia LaBeouf's spiritual journey, influenced by faithful Christians who love him—like Zack Gottsagen, one of his co-stars from The Peanut Butter Falcon (the story of an unlikely friendship that develops between two young men on the run—one of whom, Zack, has Down syndrome). While filming in 2017, "LaBeouf's life came crashing down around him. He was, he admits, 'drunk out of my mind and not rational at all' when he had an altercation with an undercover police officer who refused to give him a cigarette. In short, he says, 'This was my bottom.' Gottsagen, with his innocence and faith, sustained LaBeouf for the rest of the shoot: 'The best I could muster at the time was to look at Google maps of Zack's address of his house in Florida, and I would pray to the GPS coordinates above Zack's house, because I knew that Zack believed in God for real, and believed in me. And so I would pray to his God, and that's what got me through a lot.'" Ask the Lord to empower Shia and Zack as they both grow in their faith.
Martin Scorsese's spiritual journey

Pray for Martin Scorsese as he continues his spiritual journey, exemplified in his film The Irishman:
"It feels as if The Irishman works as not just Frank's (main character) story but Scorsese's, too. He’s been far more self-reflective throughout his life than Frank, and he talks freely about moments of spiritual and physical crisis and the ways his faith has wavered and grown. Yet The Irishman still reads as a plea for understanding from his audience. It's a deep dive into how one side of human life is the drive for power and sex and money, and the other side is a deep yearning for love and grace. Frank's life is littered with the wrong ways to search for God, but he's hit by accident on some of the right ones, too. And looking at The Irishman, you can see hints of Scorsese's wrestling in his own soul and echoes of his work, which he always seems to intend for one audience alone in the end: God."
Thanks so much for praying with us this month. We hope you will forward this email on to others who may want to join our praying team, or let us add them to our Call Sheet list; and check out our giving page if you want to join our giving team this Christmas.

With love,
Karen, Erin, Virginia, and Kim 
Hollywood Walk of Fame Prayer Walk
Dec. 7th, 10:00am
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Now through Dec. 7th
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Workshop Your Career Goals, Projects & Ideas in 2020
Dec. 8th, 2:00pm
Join Sandra Lord and Creative Career & Business Strategies for a free end-of year career strategy seminar and networking event.
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"'With him is only the arm of flesh, but with us is the Lord our God to help us and to fight our battles.' And the people gained confidence from what Hezekiah the king of Judah said."
— 2 Chronicles 32:8
"Help, Thanks, Wow: The three essential prayers." 
Anne Lamott
HPN's YouVersion devotional on TRUST is now available. This is a joyful week, full of promises, rewards, and hope. We'll learn that when we can truly trust the Lord, and not lean on our own understanding, He has gifts that He gives to us in return. It is so important to the Lord when we let go and trust Him, looking to Him, not to others, for our strength and direction. Then He can shower us with blessings!
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