February 19, 2018
Week 1, Day 1 | Water
It's officially our first day of the carbon fast! When you brush your teeth this morning, remember what we are reducing our use of this week: water.

A great deal of non-renewable, carbon-emitting energy is used to get water into our homes and process it afterward. By using less water this week, we will reduce our carbon footprint, conserve a precious resource, and be more aware of our neighbors around the world who don't have such easy access to water.

It may (and perhaps it should) make us uncomfortable. Personally, I am anxious about whether I can stick to shorter showers all week. What will challenge you this week?

We'll begin each week with a prayer of thanks for whatever resource we are reducing or changing our use of. In today's devotion video, we give thanks for water, while asking God to help us become better stewards of this vital gift.


Today's Daily Action
Time: 15 minutes

In our Sunday morning conversations throughout Lent, we're learning different devotional practices rooted in wilderness Scripture. Yesterday, we learned about making "holy spaces."

Today, make a "holy space" in your home to use for prayer, reflection, and rest throughout the season of Lent. Find an item from nature (yesterday we took home rocks) and use it to mark your holy space, and remind you of God's creation even when you are surrounded by human-made things.
Daily Question (Yes, it's the same as yesterday's. We really want all your answers!)
What will challenge you this week, as we begin our carbon fast by using less water? Share your answer with our community in our Facebook group >

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