Happy Fourth of July!

Here's the next installment of information and wedding tips for your event at Mountain Meadows Lodge

Weddings got off to a start here at Mountain Meadows Lodge in May.   Congratulations to Kim and Anders and Lexie and Mark.  The couples and families had some nice things to say about their wedding weekend and the love and support they felt.  You can read about it on 
WeddingWire.  June has been about graduations and retreats and we kick of July with Jodi and Mark followed by an event every weekend through the fall!
Choice of water glasses at your place settings
If you're going for a somewhat rustic theme you might consider Mason jars as your drinking glasses.  
During your wedding planning with Mountain Meadows Lodge staff, specify if you want traditional “semi-formal” short water goblets, sophisticated “formal” tall water goblets, or comfortable “casual” mason jars with handles.  Or just send us an email!
The no-straw initiative
Plastic is made to last forever, but often we use plastic items once and then throw them away.  An estimated 500 million plastic straws are used in the U.S. every day.  The majority of these straws are not recycled and make their way into landfills and dumps or make their way out to sea where they slowly break down into smaller bits of plastic - never truly fully decompsoing.  We already use biodegradable plastic cups here at Mountain Meadows Lodge and along these lines now we will also embark on an initiative to limit plastic straw use.  We will only supply straws in mixed drinks when a guests specifically asks.  We also have the wooden stirrers traditionally used as coffee stirrers which are more ecologically friendly if needed.  We love our planet and want to keep it beautiful.
Lighting Under the tent
The perimeter lighting in the tent provides sufficient lighting for dining, dancing, and merriment.  Additional lighting, though not necessary, can help to personalize the tent to match your theme.  Some ambiance-creating lighting options include: candles as part of your centerpieces, paper lanterns hung from the tent poles or tent ceiling, and iron lantern set on service tables or the ground. Here are some pros and cons

  • Traditional decor, appeases Great Aunt Martha who thinks it's not an official wedding without tea lights
  • Simple, non-overpowering way to incorporate scents to your wedding day decor
  • What is more romantic and primal than an open flame?
  • Candles require holders
  • There must be enough room left on the tables for dinner platters

Paper hanging Lanterns/Globes
  • Adds a bit of a festive look
  • Come in a variety of colors and sizes to incorporate your theme
  • Single-use, non recyclable
  • Extra cost for labor to hang them
  • Provide little light, not effective for lighting

Iron Lanterns
  • Can be used both Friday and Saturday at your wedding weekend
  • Could be reused for garden lighting at your house later
  • Added expense
  • Finding iron lanterns to fit your theme may be challenging
  • Finding an appropriate size so that your table setting is not crowded
Killington Mountain has lots going on in the summer!  Golfing, scenic lift rides, lunch at the peak, downhill mountain biking, an adventure center.  New attractions include Flyboarding, paintball, laser tag, bocce courts and a children's playground.