Bangers and Mash

Grilled sausage topped with onion gravy and served with a side of garlic herb 
mashed potatoes



sweet potato croquette salad

arugula, bacon, roasted garlic, pickled red onions, shaved clothbound cheddar, honey balsamic vinaigrette


add chicken for $10.99

 Clam Chowder
Roasted Carrot
Beef Stew
Today's Fresh Baked Pastries
~  blueberry lemon scones
~ blueberry muffins
~ vegan banana chocolate chip muffins
fried mac & cheese squares
ready- to- heat quesadillas
fresh vegetable salad with Hannabell cheese 
roasted veggie medley
Mediterranean tortellini salad
buffalo chicken salad
fresh baked baguettes, daily
coconut macaroons​​​​​​​
chocolate covered creampuffs
mixed berry trifle
individual carrot cakes
key lime roulade
pear almond tart