Volume 12, Issue 4
April, 2019
Greetings from CoachDeck!

How do your volunteers seem to be doing running practices this season? Have you gone out and taken a look? We challenge you to observe a couple handfuls of practices at various levels and see if coaches are playing games with the kids, breaking them into small groups, keeping everyone moving and engaged. If not, watch a CoachDeck practice and see the big difference our decks make!

In this issue: Mike Epstein's second in a three-part series on increasing a hitter's "Dead Red Zone." Great hitting instruction you can use all season long! Brian Gotta takes on the college admissions scandal and how it might hit close to home. And Dr. Darrell Burnett continues his series on what it takes to be an exceptional youth league coach.

DON'T RUN A SAFETY CLINIC THIS SEASON! We know how difficult it is to herd everyone together in one place, and then, what do you cover? The SAFE Baseball/Softball online safety course allows every coach and manager to take the course on their own, for one low price. More comprehensive than any clinic!

INTRODUCING OUR NEWEST TITLE! COACHDECK FOR VOLLEYBALL! We are proud to announce that our latest edition to the CoachDeck family has arrived. Our volleyball CoachDeck comes with the same great 52 drills broken into four color-coded categories. A must if you're involved in youth volleyball!

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Increasing a Hitter's "Dead Red Zone"
By Mike Epsteint

Ironically, hitters are exposed to "mental hitting" at very early ages. They quickly figure out they hit better when they know what's coming. However, exposing oneself to something, and effectively using the information, can become two entirely different undertakings.​​​​​​​  Read Article
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Prepare the Child - Again
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

We've all heard about the recent college admissions scandal in which wealthy individuals, some of them celebrities, paid exorbitant amounts of money to ensure that their children were admitted into colleges they probably did not deserve to attend. Many of us were shocked and angered at the audacity of these rich parents. Should we take a look in the mirror before judging them?​​​​​​​  Read Article
The Art of Being a Successful Youth League Coach (Part 2)
By Dr. Darrell Burnett

It is essential that the manager and coach be roll models for their players in all the areas of sportsmanship including interactions with the umpire, with other teams, with players on the same team, and with parents.  Read Article