Volume 10, Issue 4
April, 2017
Greetings from CoachDeck!

Did you know the drills in our deck of cards were designed by a former Olympic team member who won indoor and outdoor national championships as a player and coach and possesses a USSF-A coaching license? Let him help your coaches get the most out of their players by giving them a CoachDeck!

In this issue:
Tony Earp returns with a thought-provoking article you'll want to share with everyone in your soccer world. Brian Gotta explains why coaches need to take the blame when things go wrong. And Craig Sigl finishes up his great series on building confidence in young athletes.

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The Ball is a Toy
By Tony Earp

With the competitiveness and pressure around sports, it is easy to forget that every sport is just a game. Not much different than jumping rope, tag, or hide and go seek, soccer (like other sports) is a game to be played for fun. There are winners and losers, but the goal is to play, get exercise, and enjoy the time with the friends. It is sad when sports moves from this view into more of a "job"... Read Article
"My Bad"
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

Over the past ten years I've written many articles on youth sports. One of my original and most often repeated comments is that your first goal as a coach should be that every player wants to come back and play again next season. Regardless of wins, losses, or anything else, if you accomplish this, you've succeeded. But how do you do it? Read Article

Ten Strategies to Build Unstoppable Confidence in Youth Athletes - Part 4
By Craig Sigl

Strategy number nine for building confidence in young athletes: Stop delivering typical sports cliches and trite sayings that mean nothing to a kid like... Read Article​