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101 Reasons to
Adopt a Golden!
reason #50
“As cute as I am, it's impossible to pass up a Golden!"

Shelby is a beautiful, sweet 6 yr old golden/Pyranees mix who desperately needs a foster or adoptive home. Shelby came to GRRAND from a rural shelter, but has proved to be a very timid, unsocialized dog who is so afraid of so very much in life! She has been in 2 foster homes that weren’t ideal settings for her and she is now back at the kennel waiting, once again, for a home and family. Shelby is a flight risk in that if she was to escape her family, she would likely not be able to be caught because she is so timid around people. She needs an adult home that can closely monitor the fence gates and doors and a secure above ground fenced yard. Shelby is very sweet around people and gets along just fine with cats. She could also go to a home with an older, calm dog. Shelby is totally house trained and completely trustworthy indoors. If you could possibly help us get Shelby out of the kennel, she, and we would be so grateful! We anticipate that in the right loving home, she will begin to gain confidence and develop into a more outgoing dog.

Please contact Jane at

Kong Stuffing Recipes
Looking for more ideas to stuff inside of your dog's Kong Dog Toy? The following Kong stuffing recipes make delicious dog snacks - whether you decide to stuff them inside of a Kong, or just whip up a batch as tasty homemade treats for your dog.
*Use your own judgement in deciding whether or not to fill your dog's toy with human food
*Depending on how much food your dog obtains from the toy, you may need to adjust their regular meals accordingly
*Keep in mind that there are human foods that should NOT be included in your dog recipes or dog's toys

Ingredients: Yogurt (non-fat) (Plain or Greek), a handful of blueberries, and a whole banana
Method: Mash the blueberries, banana, and yogurt together in a bowl. Spoon the blended mix into the kong and freeze it before serving.
Food Fact: Blueberries can help support cardiovascular and urinary tract health due to its high antioxidants and vitamin C levels.

Ingredients: Yogurt (non-fat) (Greek or Plain), a whole banana, a spoonful of peanut butter, and a dash of honey.
Method: Mash the banana and blend together with the yogurt, peanut butter, and honey. Fill the Kong with the concoction, serve immediately or freeze for use later.
Food Fact: Besides its antibacterial properties which can help with GI issues (overgrowth of harmful bacteria, gastritis, IBD, colitis, etc.); honey can also help desensitize your dog’s body against seasonal allergies due to the minute amount of local pollen that it contains.


Mark Your Calendar for the 2018 GRRAND Affair Casino Night

Friday, November 9th at Mellwood Art and Entertainment Center

  • Seeking Event Sponsors and Casino Table Sponsors

GRRAND is seeking GRRAND Affair event sponsors and sponsors for the Casino Night Tables.  The event this year will feature Casino Tables in place of the Live Auction.  We are seeking business/personal sponsorship for each table (Black Jack, Roulette, Craps, and Texas Hold’em).  In addition to the Casino Table sponsors, we are seeking traditional event sponsors from $250 Good Dog Sponsorship to one $10,000 Presenting Sponsor.  You can review the benefits of each sponsorship type and level (including name/logo recognition and tickets to event) and purchase sponsorship at the GRRAND Affair website:

  • Seeking Silent Auction Items

GRRAND Affair committee is also seeking donations for silent auction items.  Items that typically set off a bidding war and raise significant funds for GRRAND include rare/unique bourbon or bourbon related items, designer handbags/jewelry, tickets to local events, and sports memorabilia.  If interested in donating to the silent auction, please contact Debra Weissrock at

For additional ideas, concerns, or questions, please do not hesitate to contact the committee chair, Rachel Swope, at