The Whole Box of Crayons

Many riders who can benefit from a custom bike are intimidated by, or dismissive of, the idea of going custom. They don't realize that it's possibly the most efficient and cost-effective way to get exactly the bike they want.

While the level of customization we offer is compelling to some, the Seven Value Proposition is a much longer list of positive things than just "custom," each of which can broaden the appeal of what we do and speak to a wider range of riders in your shop.

1) Something special - There is undeniably a part of the cycling population who wants the latest and greatest, or who wants to ride what everyone else is riding. First, we would argue that there is nothing later or greater than a bike custom-built for the person who is going to ride it. Second, we find that, overwhelmingly, high-end bike buyers do NOT want me-too bikes. They want something special, no matter what size they are.

2) Science - Behind everything we do is a deep understanding of metallurgy and material handling best practices that produces lifetime bikes. Our in-house fatigue testing facility lets us prove that the materials we use and the build methods we follow are the best in the business. For the engineering-focused rider, we have data and science to back up what we do.

3) Quality – Some riders want a bike that is well-made, whose quality they can see with their own eyes. Nothing draws your attention to quality better than building one-at-a-time. One builder, one bike is how we do it. We also have among the lowest warranty rates in the industry.

4) Lifetime Durability – Think of durability as quality over time. Seven utilizes materials and build methods that produce the longest, lasting bikes. We know, because we do the baseline fatigue testing that gives us quantifiable data. We don’t promise. We know.

5) American Made - Not every rider cares where their bike was built, but some care a lot. Every Seven ever made was hand-crafted here in our factory in Massachusetts.

6) Experience - In a sea of new "technology" and shiny marketing, what counts for some riders is experience. The team at Seven has more than 250 years of hands-on, custom bike-building experience. There is very literally no one else in the entire industry with this concentration of experience in one place.

7) Collaboration - No other builder treats their shops and riders as collaborators like we do. From the initial ideas for the bike, to the rider interview, to considering the shop's expertise and local knowledge, no one else gives the sales person, fitter and rider the opportunity to participate in their bike's creation.

8) Personality - In an industry that keeps most of its bike builders anonymous, riders like knowing who built their bike. Every Seven comes with a frame card, signed by each person who had a hand in creating that frame.

9) Leadtime – No one builds a deeply custom bike faster than Seven. Often you can get a custom Seven faster than a high-end stock bike.

10) Supporting the LBS - Today, the bike industry seems intent on destroying bicycle retail, turning the very special experience of buying a bike into a purely price-driven commodity. This approach maximizes supplier margin but minimizes the value of expertise and community. Many Seven riders appreciate that they can work with local experts to achieve their cycling dreams.

11) Price - 20 years ago, a Seven was likely the most expensive bike on any shop floor. That's not true anymore, and this creates a massive opportunity for you and your customers. For the same price as a high-end production bike, you can get a handmade bike, that handles properly, is loaded with the just the right features, and comes with a lifetime warranty to go along with a lifetime of riding.

12) Not Just One Look - The elegant simplicity of bare titanium and matte carbon fiber appeal to many riders. For those who want something with a brighter aesthetic we offer nearly limitless paint options. We bead blast. We custom cut graphics. A Seven can look however the customer wants it to.

We could go on and on with this list, but we hope something here has jumped out at you, a new way to present Seven to your customers. The point is, when we fixate on the custom aspect, we sometimes turn off riders who's values aren't so simple to summarize, but would still love to ride a bike built just for them.

Photo of the Week

A new 622 XX for our buddy Steve at Cycology Bikes in Tennessee.
Current Lead Times:

Unpainted - 6 Weeks
Painted - 9 Weeks

Lead times are calculated from the date of design confirmation and are an estimate based on the average number of days orders take to reach completion. Parts ordered from 3rd party suppliers may have an impact on total lead time. For the most accurate delivery estimate on your orders, please email your Account Executive directly.