CLPHA Update & Action Alert!

May 10, 2018


Rep. McCarthy Introduces President’s Rescission Package

On May 9, House of Representatives Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) introduced HR 3, the “Spending Cuts to Expired and Unnecessary Programs Act.” The legislation is President Trump’s rescission proposal that was sent to the House a day earlier.

Upon introducing the bill, Rep. McCarthy said, “President Trump has submitted to Congress a package of spending cuts to expired or unnecessary programs and Congress is prepared to act on those rescissions. Returning this money to the treasury is the type of budgetary spring-cleaning that ensures our government practices prudence with hard-earned taxpayer dollars. Through the Impoundment Act, Congress will once again use a creative tool to address the challenges facing our country and put our fiscal and economic footing on more solid ground.”

As expected, the legislation includes almost $40 million in rescinded funds from the Public Housing Capital Fund (see 5/8/2018 CLPHA Update). CLPHA was informed by HUD officials that pending program competitions and awards funded under the Capital Fund, such as Jobs Plus, will be suspended until the outcome of the rescissions is known.

The rescissions bill is expected to bypass the normal Appropriations Committee process, with the Republican leadership fast-tracking the bill and allowing it to go directly to the House floor for a vote.



There is a real likelihood the Republican majority in the House may pass the rescissions bill.

We strongly urge CLPHA members who are affected by Capital Fund rescissions to register your opposition to these funding cuts.

Contact your House members and urge them to vote against HR 3, the rescission bill.

Since Senate prospects for the rescission bill is still unsettled, we also encourage CLPHA members to contact your Senators, state your opposition to the rescissions, and urge them to vote against the President’s package when it comes to the Senate. 


Also, if you expect the Capital Fund rescissions to affect you, please contact CLPHA and let us know how you expect to be impacted. ​​​​​​​


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