March 6th, 2019
Prayers for the Entertainment Industry
Greetings HPN members,
Happy Ash Wednesday! We look forward to preparing for Easter as we begin the 40 days of Lent. Let's all remember what Jesus has done for us so that we are more willing to be more Christ-like to others! And please pray this month that more people in Hollywood can feel the sacrificial love of Jesus in their lives.
Oscars Prayer Walk

Praise God for the incredible community that joined us for HPN's Oscars prayer walk! Almost 50 intercessors attended (above), walking down the red carpet and around the Dolby Theatre. We prayed all the people involved in last week's Oscars ceremony. We're so grateful to the Lord for all who joined us in prayer.
Christian Youth Film Festival

We praise God for what He's doing for young filmmakers in Bakersfield, California. Joe Brown, HPN's Chapter Director there, produced his 25th annual Christian Youth Film Festival this past weekend that celebrated a community of high school and college filmmakers and their short films. Karen and some HPN members judged films at the festival and felt that this festival should be offered across the country. We praise God for these young filmmakers.
Pray for Selma Blair

Actress Selma Blair has publicly shared about her struggle with multiple sclerosis. She said, "I'm pretty much a nobody in Hollywood. But when I read comments on Instagram from people who were suffering… I thought, 'There’s a need for honesty about being disabled from someone recognizable.'" Pray that Selma's honesty will encourage others struggling with physical challenges, for her healing, and for her to know God and rely on the strength and hope of Jesus.
Pray for Luke Perry's family and friends

Actor Luke Perry passed away earlier this week at age 52. Let’s pray for Luke Perry's family and friends, asking God to make His presence and comfort known to them. Pray also for the cast and crew of Riverdale to find the time and space they need to process and grieve.
Pray for the WGA and ATA

Pray for the Writers Guild and the Association of Talent Agents, who are currently negotiating a very important contract renewal. As disagreements persist, let's pray for the Lord to be present in their conversations and that the two groups would maintain respect for each other. Pray that God would guide the decision-makers and that they can come to a conclusion that is free from tension and bitterness.
Pray for celebrities made vulnerable by fame

Pray for Hollywood celebrities who are damaged by fame. "One of the darkest corners of fame is that it becomes addictive," says Donna Rockwell, a clinical psychologist who specializes in fame and celebrity, "and then you are so afraid of becoming a has-been or yesterday's news that you might do something desperate." Please pray for actor/musician Jussie Smollett and for the many other celebrities who need Jesus desperately. And don't blame or judge them, but understand that people are often too fragile to handle the fame, money and power that celebrity brings.
Pray for producers of faith-based films

Join us in praying for the Christians in entertainment who are respected Hollywood professionals, as they produce faith-based movies. We lift up three of the many producers who are bold in their faith and tell true stories of God's miracles: Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon whose film Unplanned opens this month, and DeVon Franklin, whose film Breakthrough opens in April. As you pray, watch the trailers below.
Thanks for praying with us this month. We want you to know that you are making a tangible difference in both the lives of Hollywood professionals and the content of TV shows, films, music lyrics and video games, because of your prayers. As the aliens in the classic film Galaxy Quest said, "Never give up, never surrender!"

With love,
Karen, Erin, Kim and Virginia
Worship and Prayer Night
Friday, Mar. 8th, 7:30pm – Sherman Oaks

Industry professionals are invited to join together for worship and to receive personal prayer and ministry.
Influence Women's Evening
Thursday, Mar. 21st, 6:30pm

Connection / Conversation / Cultural Thought for Women in Media & Entertainment. Limited seating; if interested, contact below.
Creativity Catalyst: Luminate
Saturday, Apr. 13th, 6:00pm – Burbank

A creative event that reveals the nature of depression and illuminates the profoundness and tangibility of hope through the arts. MORE INFO>>
Hope4Hollywood Spring Tea
Sunday, Apr. 14th, 2:30pm – Burbank

Join Hope4Hollywood's ladies' tea to be encouraged in your walk of faith and hear stories of joy. MORE INFO>>
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Watch Spike Lee's mom pray for her son before the Oscars.
"Pray, and let God worry."
Martin Luther
"Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light."
Matthew 11:29-30
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