July 2016
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9:30 am
8:30 pm
"Body By Jeffrey"
Jeffrey La Rosa Adams
12:30 pm
"Kardio Krunk"
Jeffrey La Rosa Adams


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Greetings Beloved SWERVER,

Wow, it's great to be alive! I just spent 3 days laid up in bed with a horrible flu (in June--weird) and now that I'm better, I'm overjoyed!

At the end of my classes, I always say, "Be grateful that you're healthy enough to work out today" and after this intense experience I'm like, "OMG! The human body--it heals itself naturally! Miracle! Must celebrate this by taking excellent care of it."

This is in contrast to finding myself going, "Now why did I come into this room? Aren't I supposed to be doing something with purpose?" as I'm pfaffing about.

Some instinctual mechanism erupts, "Just keep swimming!" (Dory the fish would spout that in a Disney movie and it would bring a good laugh.) In my case (and yours, I surmise) the urge to swim is a natural tool to keep us flowing with the go. Pausing to ask, "Where do I want to direct my life?" is a learned behavior we practice over and over again, until the internal GPS is always online pointed toward one's bliss. These cultivated habits steer us to refine and realign toward our better and higher nature. I celebrate the practice of getting better every day in every way. This is what we're doing at SWERVE.

Summer is a time to celebrate everything from vacation time to longer days, warmer nights and fewer clothes covering our beautiful bodies. And we love our bodies, simply for the miracle of being, but also because we take such good care of them by working out! It shows, sexy one! You look gorgeous and you're glowing--especially after a workout or a mediation class at SWERVE.


Gillian Alexandria Clark


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