February 27, 2019
Getting ready for Lent
Lent starts next week on Ash Wednesday, March 6! How will you be involved this Lent? At Advent, we're exploring what it means to follow Jesus by looking at the lives of poets, prophets, and disciples, from Sojourner Truth to John Donne.

Join us for worship, Sunday adult faith formation, discipleship groups, or our daily devotions. What's right for you? Explore and learn more below!
Ash Wednesday Worship
Start the season of Lent with us at Ash Wednesday worship, March 6, at 12pm in English, 6pm in Spanish, or 7:30pm in English. We'll also be distributing ashes outside on Broadway from 9am-6pm.
Sign up for a Discipleship Group this Lent
Discipleship groups are an opportunity for you to explore what it means for you to be a disciple of Jesus with a small group of old or new Advent friends. They will meet for 4 weekly meetings during Lent, offered at a variety of times.

Adult Faith Formation Series in Lent
10:10am Sundays in the Community Hall (back half)

Our Sunday Adult Faith Formation series during Lent explores racism and the Church, leading to an introduction of our partnership with the Emmaus Collective. Together we will watch and discuss documentaries, go on an experiential walk though Advent, and learn about what being part of the Emmaus Collective will mean for Advent.

Lenten Daily Devotion
Our Lenten Daily Devotion this year will be simple, daily reflections and practices that take you deeper into exploring our Lenten theme day by day. Our daily devotion packet will be available at Advent and for download here soon.

If you'd like to get a daily email with the day's devotion during Lent, sign up here >
Visioning Process: What's Happening?
New update! Wow! It's been a month and half since our Vision & Mission Retreat. You may have felt, understandably, like we haven't been doing much other than annual meetings, a Sunday Adult Faith Formation series, and congregational Prayer Calendar.

But in the meantime our Vision Team has been busy! They are thoughtfully and prayerfully preparing the "Listening" phase for you to participate in soon.

Learn what the Vision Team has been up to each week (really, see an actual calendar) and how things are progressing in a new post on the Visioning Process blog.

More Church Business
Announcing our new Property Committee: Read more (5 min read) >

United Methodist Church vote, and a Reaffirmation of our commitment and support of the LGTBQIA+ Community
Together, we are the body of Christ across denominational boundaries.  When one member of the body of Christ is hurting, we are all hurting.  The United Methodist Church this week narrowly voted to affirm their opposition to same-sex marriage and LGBTQIA+ clergy.  This has been a traumatic encounter for not only the United Methodist community, but for the entire body of Christ, and especially for our queer siblings.

We at Advent Lutheran Church take this moment to reaffirm our commitment and support of the LGBTQIA+ community,  LGBTQIA+ clergy, and all who chose to come together in love through the gift of marriage. Read more >
Thank You from Lorenza
Lorenza Darley is deeply grateful for the prayers and support she received during the final illness and death of her husband, Bob Darley.  She expresses her gratitude to everyone at Advent.
More Events & Opportunities
Click on anything that interests you to learn more!

Coffee Hour
Our Coffee Hour at 10am and 12pm every Sunday is the ideal place to get to know new people at Advent. Come join us for coffee, baked goods, and conversation before or after worship every Sunday, and get to know more people at Advent.  And please consider bringing a treat to share! 
Ministry Calendar & Directory
What ministry or group will you be involved in this month? There are even more ways to connect in fellowship and service!

This Sunday, March 3
Gospel | Luke 9:28-36 [37-43a]
Preaching | Pastor Gary Mills
Presiding | Pastor Danielle Miller
Music Minister | Michelle Alvarado
Coffee Hour | At 10am and 12pm in the Community Hall downstairs (front half)
Adult Faith Formation | Meets at 10:10am in the Community Hall downstairs. In this "gap" week before we begin our Lenten Adult Faith Formation series, join us for some exploratory activities with the Vision Team co-chair, Kevin Bowen, as the Vision Team prepares to launch the "Listening" phase of our visioning process.
Sunday School | Meets at 10:05am - 10:55am in the Sunday School room downstairs
Communications Internship | Meets from 3pm-6pm in the Intern Office
Make a general donation to our church quickly and simply online. As we begin this new year, consider how you can help fund the growth and expansion of Advent's Ministries.  Thank you for you for your faithful generosity.  
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