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Urge your Representative to Vote NO on HR 2910 and uphold the Principles to Protect our Public Lands, Water, Air, and Wildlife!
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The U.S. House of Representatives is scheduled to vote later today on legislation that seeks to severely limit the ability of federal and state agencies to protect drinking water and critical natural resources from the damaging impacts of interstate gas pipelines.

HR 2910 would undermine critical safeguards in the pipeline permitting process and essentially fast-track pipeline projects without adequate environmental review. New Jersey is facing an onslaught of unneeded pipeline projects and our congressional representatives must protect our land and natural resources and vote NO on this bill!

New Jersey's congressional delegation recently received over 1,200 letters from citizens like you asking them to uphold a bipartisan set of principles to protect our environment. This legislation clearly violates those principles.

We expect there to be a vote by the end of today, so please use the take action tools, created by New Jersey Conservation Foundation below, as soon as you can!
Click here to send a letter to your Representative in Congress urging him or her to oppose this damaging bill.

Click here for more information on the Principles to Protect our Public Lands, Water, Air, and Wildlife.
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