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Every week is an action packed week at the Jewish Home Family but this week was, in many ways, an extraordinary one. On Wednesday we celebrated the opening of our Rock Steady Boxing satellite program at the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades. Rock Steady Boxing has been a community program at Jewish Home Assisted Living for almost two years. Specifically for individuals with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, we have found that there is tremendous demand for the program and that participants find it of great benefit. Our program at JHAL has grown and grown and we are delighted to be partnering with the JCC to open this new site. We were joined in our celebration by two of the founders of Rock Steady Boxing, Kristy Rose Follmer and Christine Timberlake. In fact, Kristy is a former championship boxer and was instrumental in designing the boxing curriculum. Our two guests provided an hour long educational program in the afternoon at Jewish Home Assisted Living. We had a full house, many of whom were from the community. (Click here for video and here for photos) Wednesday evening we gathered at the JCC for a celebration (Click here for photos). 



You can watch the news coverage of that event here: We also put together a surprise for that evening, a short music video that features many of our boxers, some of our other residents and some of our staff. It’s a fun two minutes and we hope you’ll watch it and get a feel for the spirit of Rock Steady Boxing at the Jewish Home Family:



In the Gallen Center this week, we began with “Monday Funday,” and participants loved going on a shopping outing and then having lunch at the Northvale Diner. We also introduced a new “Buddy” program which pairs participants to do one-to-one activities together. These activities can be sensory, cognitive or social but they’re all intended to create closer connections and break down barriers. On Tuesday and Friday we had our specialized Parkinson’s program and on Friday we also gathered to watch the two clips that you can access above. There are many Gallen participants in the music video and they loved seeing themselves as stars! Wednesday was the first full “buddy” program with twelve participants and it was a huge hit. It was a joy to see people of all different ability levels working together and helping one another. Wednesday afternoon had a great yoga program that everyone enjoyed. Thursday was our St. Patrick’s Day party and all the Irish soda bread consumed was burned off with an afternoon dance party. Friday’s fun featured mashgiach Avi Feld who provided great fun with “Let’s Get Baked,” making hamantaschen and, of course, eating them!



At Jewish Home Assisted Living, Irish soda bread was also on the menu. Residents and staff baked it together on Monday morning and followed it with a great program of Irish Step dancing featuring students from the Verlin School. These students were aged 5-13 and everyone loved the dancing and the colorful costumes. On Tuesday residents enjoyed an interactive session with the Cleveland Museum of Art. This program featured Impressionist artists and was very well received. On Wednesday we had a lunch outing with residents. They’d requested “traditional Irish fare” so that’s what they had at Davey’s Irish Pub and Restaurant. Tai Chi was back on the agenda for Thursday and on Friday we had another lecture by Professor Ian Drake. This week’s topic was “What Does the First Amendment Mean?”




Things were also buzzing at the Jewish Home at Rockleigh this week. Our Sunday Afternoon of Music featured the Broadway Youth Ensemble who performed songs from many different and familiar musicals. Students stayed and visited with residents after the performance and everyone had a great time. On Tuesday evening we had Irish dancing on the Rockleigh campus featuring the Bergen School of Irish Dance. These 7 to 18 year old dancers entertained with the Irish reel, jig and hornpipe. Wednesday fun on the Kaplen 2 unit was “Give My Regards to Broadway” which everyone loved. We also had a great afternoon watching the film “Forrest Gump” in celebration of its 25th anniversary! The movie was followed by a lively discussion. Thursday’s “Baker’s Delight” program featured (what else?) hamantaschen. Not only did we roll and fill and shape and bake these delicious treats, we had a great conversation about Purim and Purim memories. On Thursday afternoon we had another session of “The Art of Aging” which involved conversation about relationship dynamics between parents and children and also covered social media and its impact. The Men’s Club headed out to Biddy O’Malley’s for lunch, all wearing festive green bowler hats. Later they joined the rest of the residents for the popular Brain Busters program presented by our friend and volunteer Florence Poris.


Mardi Gras


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Volunteer Opportunity of the Week


Looking for a friendly conversationalist to visit weekly with one of our residents on the Jewish Home at Rockleigh's Seiden Free Spirit Memory Care unit.

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Jewish Federation’s March Mega Food drive is in full swing. Please bring a can of food next time you visit the Jewish Home at Rockleigh or Jewish Home Assisted Living in River Vale. Food bins are set up for your donation. We are collecting to benefit area food pantries. All are invited to help pack and sort collected food at Jewish Federation on Sunday, March 31st from 1-3.


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