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Solo Exhibition On Display Now
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Ranging in size from 30x48 to 4.5x6 inches, there's something to fit an wall.
All the works are in the gallery and we are open normal hours, so please reach out if you have any questions at all or stop by to see the paintings in person!
And Dusk Dissolves 30x48, acrylic on canvas
The Exile's Wilderness
36x24, acrylic on canvas
Approaching Storm
28x22, acrylic on canvas
Pondering Solitude 24x24, acrylic on canvas
View from the Lonely Steps (1995) 5x11, watercolor on paper
Jill Basham & Kim VanDerHoek
From Above
Opening: September 18th
What happens when we look at the familiar from an unexpected point of view? This is the question posed in our upcoming two-person exhibition From Above, and the answer comes to us in the form of 40 entirely new paintings. Inspiration for the exhibit happened by chance when the two artists were both delivering work to the gallery on the same day last year. Not only did their paintings mesh well stylistically, they revealed common interests—a penchant for unusual perspectives, a love of structural shapes, and a fascination with texture.
Jill Basham Layers 20x24, oil on linen
Kim VanDerHoek Dreaming of DC 24x30, oil on panel
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Gilbert Gorski
Solo Exhibition Opening: October 16th
Delicato 18x72, oil on linen
Cadenza 14x16, oil on linen
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Carlos Morago
Solo Exhibition Opening: November 13th
Entrada 20x27.5, oil on wood
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New Arrivals at Principle Gallery Charleston
Nicolas Martin The Green Door 12x9, oil on panel
Nicolas Martin The Window 12x9, oil on panel
Nicolas Martin After the Shower II 12x9, oil on canvas
Paige Bradley Expansion bronze sculpture with electricity, 18.5x21x9.5
Jeremy Mann Epiphany 44x33, oil on panel
Joseph McGurl Stone Pier, Hadley Harbor 18x36, oil on canvas
Nobuhito Tanaka Seoul 3 8x6, oil on canvas
Nobuhito Tanaka Gion 3 7x9, oil on canvas
Nobuhito Tanaka Gion 3 8x6, oil on canvas
Geoffrey Johnson Church in Rome
10x8, oil on panel
Geoffrey Johnson Three Horses
14x11, oil on panel
Richard Murdock Black Angus 24x24, oil on copper
Richard Murdock Bison II 12x16, oil on copper
Cindy Procious Grapes in Flemish Pottery 9x12, oil on linen panel
Joseph McGurl Permeating Light 18x24, oil on panel
Elizabeth Beard The Wedding Dress 57.5x30, oil on canvas
Elizabeth Beard Parable Dress 24x18, oil on canvas
Anthony Waichulis Mémoire 12x9, oil on panel
Mark Boedges Snow Drifts 12×12, oil on canvas
Mark Boedges After the Storm 12×16, oil on canvas
Mark Boedges Crisp Morning Light 12×10, oil on panel
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