As part of Caridad Center’s expansion of services made possible by our capital campaign, we are pleased to open the first ever melanoma clinic dedicated to serving the working poor and uninsured. The official opening will take place on Friday, April 8 at 1 pm at Caridad Center.

Spearheaded by one of the nation’s leading dermatology oncologists, John Strasswimmer MD, PhD, the melanoma clinic will have a fully outfitted procedure room, and offer a number of services for the detection and treatment of skin cancer.

A grant for $68,000, from a partnership between the American Academy of Dermatologists, the Pfizer Foundation and the Palm Beach County Dermatology Society, will fund this first of its kind study at the new clinic. In addition, the Safe Sun Foundation has provided funds to equip the clinic with the necessary surgical equipment. 

“Never before in the U.S. has melanoma been studied among this population,” said Caridad Center Executive Director Laura Kallus. “We are proud to be able to provide opportunity for insights and education on how to better serve this segment of our community.”

“Right now, people without healthcare have nowhere to go if they are diagnosed with melanoma, and many die. The grant we received is a game changer,” Dr. Strasswimmer said.

In addition to having a private Mohs Surgery practice in Delray Beach and volunteering at Caridad Center regularly, Dr. Strasswimmer is the Medical Director of the Melanoma and Cutaneous Oncology Program at the Lynn Cancer Institute at Boca Raton Regional Hospital, which is affiliated with Moffit Oncology, Florida’s only level one National Cancer Institute center. He serves on the faculty at FAU Medical School in the departments of Surgery (Dermatology) and Biochemistry. At the Caridad Center’s 2016 Gala, he was presented with the Special Recognition Award.

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, melanoma is the most dangerous form of skin cancer. These cancerous growths develop when unrepaired DNA damage to skin cells (most often caused by ultraviolet radiation from sunshine or tanning beds) triggers mutations that lead the skin cells to multiply rapidly and form malignant tumors. These tumors originate in the pigment-producing melanocytes in the basal layer of the epidermis. Melanomas often resemble moles; some develop from moles. The majority of melanomas are black or brown, but they can also be skin-colored, pink, red, purple, blue or white. Melanoma is caused mainly by intense, occasional UV exposure (frequently leading to sunburn), especially in those who are genetically predisposed to the disease. Melanoma kills an estimated 10,130 people in the US annually. Learn more here

"I have been with Caridad Center for more than five years. I work at the P.E.T Department as a Program Assistant. I loved my job since the first day I walked in as a volunteer. I always love to help those in need, and Caridad Center gives me the opportunity to be able to put this into action. My department educates patients who have chronic diseases. We had a patient who was homeless, had many chronic conditions and could not work. He received legal aid here at Caridad Center; he applied for disability financial aid, and I drove him to his appointments. He qualified for disability for the rest of his life, and he is going to buy a trailer to get off the streets.  Also we created a program called Home Visit, and we bring clients education and refer them to the other departments for assistance. I think if you show patients respect, love and care, they are happy."
- Johanna Cuellar

We would like to thank Ferrari of Palm Beach, Mercedes-Benz of Palm Beach, and Goshen Hill for their support of the children of Caridad Center. 
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