March 1, 2018
Week 2, Day 4
"Fasting" from: Plastic | Some strategies: reusable bags, reusable water bottle, say "no" to plastic bags, straws, lids, etc.

The last three days our daily devotions have dealt some pretty grim realities about the impact plastic consumption is having on our planet. And from what I've been hearing from people, this week of trying to avoid plastic has been much harder than using less water was last week.

Today's devotion video is a welcome break from all that. So breathe, get comfortable here, and remember that God is with you on this Lenten journey.


In today's video, I bring you to my "wilderness place" in Central Park, and Dart shares a special announcement about the Wilderness Run/Walk between 9am & 11am worship this Sunday.
Today's Daily Action
Go to your "wilderness place." Give yourself some time to process what your carbon fast has been like for you, to pray, to read the Bible, meditate, observe, rest or -- shocker -- just . . . be.

Haven't found your "wilderness place" yet? (A convenient, peaceful outdoor place to retreat for short periods during Lent) Well, then finding it is your daily action for today. (It will be the same tomorrow, in case you don't have time today.)
Daily Question
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