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Issue 1 Volume 7 October 2008
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Secrets to Wrist Hitting
Coaching the Mistakes
No Obstacle Too Great
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Hello again from CoachDeck!
Inside this issue of On Deck, we offer a some great drills you can use to teach "wrist hitting." Brian Gotta provides four tips on communicating with young players, and we offer a tremendously motivational story of a man who is small in stature but huge in heart.

If you're getting into the planning stages for the 2009 season, we love to have you consider providing CoachDeck as a resource for your hardworking coaches. Leagues using CoachDeck tell us it is easier to attract and retain coaches because they have more confidence, and more kids are coming back to play each year. Plus, there's no better way to say "thank you" to those volunteers. If you'd like information on CoachDeck for baseball, including our League Discount pricing, contact us at We'd love to hear from you.

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CoachDeck Basketball 
New! CoachDeck for Basketball!
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 Coach KrupnickThe Secrets to Wrist Hitting
by Coach Harvey Krupnick
While all players strike out and hit pop-ups, every batter in a team's lineup should be a threat to put the ball in play by learning how to properly move the bat through the hitting zone and how to wait on a pitch. Read Article
Cages Plus Cage
Your Own Backyard Batting Cage
Want the perfect "WOW" holiday gift for the young baseball fanatic? Professional-quality cages from Cages Plus can be set up and taken down in minutes and fit in nearly any backyard. And best of all? You won't believe how affordable it is! Learn More
 Brian GottaCoaching the Mistakes 
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

Coaching youth sports means that you're going to see your share of mistakes - and some might even be made by you! How you deal with mistakes is the key to success. Here are four easy tips to help you be a better coach, teacher and role model. Read Article
Value Card 
Fast, Effective Fundraising
Especially in these economic times, more and more leagues are relying on Help Kids Play to raise money quickly and easily. Value Cards are simple to sell or add to registrations. And unlike candy or other items, people love them because they actually pay for themselves many times over! Learn More
Clay Dyer Overcoming All Obstacles 

Clay Dyer is a professional fisherman who has overcome incredible odds to accomplish his goals and pursue his dreams. His may be the most inspirational and amazing story you've ever seen. Watch Video