September 18th, 2019
Prayers for the Entertainment Industry
Dear HPN,

HAPPY FALL! We are starting the new "school year" with great anticipation for what the Lord will do in Hollywood this fall. Join us in praying for the new TV season and the people, the projects and the issues in Hollywood that need the Lord's touch!
Kanye West's Sunday Service

We praise the Lord for His power to transform lives again and again – like Kanye West, who has been seeking Jesus over the last few years. Just this weekend he preached for several minutes at a church in Atlanta and gave God all the glory for his life. Let's remember to never give up on anyone, but to pray for the Lord to touch the hearts of every entertainment decision-maker and cultural influencer, expecting Him to do miracles.
HPN's Praying Parents

We praise God for the HPN Parents Prayer Team and for its fearless leader Melody! We have parents all over the world praying for their children who have chosen to work in the global entertainment industry. We want to challenge you parents whose children – from babies through older adults – are working as professionals in the entertainment industry to consistently PRAY! It's so important for parents to pray together for their children, and HPN offers the Parents Prayer Team to any moms, dads, and grandparents who want to pray for their children's careers, spiritual lives, community and hearts. If you want to join our Parents Prayer Team, just email us back and we'll connect you to Melody and the growing group!
Changes in reality TV

Reality television may have peaked as a huge genre of TV in the world. Years ago it took over soap operas, which used to lead daytime television, and then it took over nighttime TV as well. Now, however, we are walking into a new time in television. Let's pray for the thousands of people working in reality TV production who are facing struggles due to the decline of the genre.
Christians responding to Hollywood

Please join us in praying for Christians who are still struggling to respond with love and compassion toward Hollywood. Here's an example of one mindset we encountered on Twitter last week: "Hollywood is evil, and I highly recommend any Christians wishing to get involved in the industry reconsider. What does it prosper a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?" Too often we see similar messages of fear and judgment from believers outside Hollywood who think it's impossible to be a "real Christian" and work in entertainment. We want Christians everywhere to be able to recognize the importance of encouraging and praying for the thousands of talented, strong believers who are already in the industry. They are bringing Jesus's love into the lives of countless friends and coworkers, and we pray that they will feel supported in the vocation and mission God has for them in Hollywood.
International content distributors

Pray for international production companies and distributors, which are the reason why Hollywood has such a global influence. As HPN member Michael said when requesting this prayer, some of these companies operate in countries "where Hollywood media has a stronger presence than the gospel." Pray for wisdom and discernment for the decision-makers of these companies as they make choices that will impact people and culture everywhere. As you pray, here is a list of international film distributors to pray for.
Podcast industry growing

Podcasting is a quickly-growing entertainment medium, and it's attracting everyone from talk show hosts and actors to bloggers and YouTubers. People love stories and podcasts can be very accessible both for the creator and the consumer. As Conan O'Brien points out, "There's a way that you can communicate on podcasts that's much more intense. This is a big part of people's lives. They put on their earbuds, and you're with them at the gym or on the subway." Pray for podcast creators and the influence so many of them already have. Pray also that God's goodness and love would be made evident to podcast audiences in all genres, from daily news to dramatic narrative.
Christians discerning their calling

Pray for the many Christians who come out to Hollywood believing it's their "calling" to work and minister in the entertainment industry. They often get discouraged, disillusioned and even depressed when they can't get work, it's harder than they thought, or they need to go back home with no money or credits to their name. Pray for these believers to be able to discern God's best plan for their lives.
Thanks so much for praying with us this week. And as always, feel free to respond with your thoughts – we love hearing from you!

With love,
Karen, Erin, Virginia, and Kim 
Hollywood Chapter: Heroes & Villains Workshop
Saturday, Sept. 14th, 4:00pm
In a world of heroes and villains lighting up the screens and splashed on pages, what do they have to do with beauty in our own humanity? Engage in a workshop with Brian S. Chan of discovering the psychological, philosophical and spiritual dimensions of how these character archetypes inspire a universal concept of beauty of self and life, in accordance with God's arc.
Faith & Films in the Indian American Diaspora
Saturday, Sept. 21st, 4:00pm – Cerritos
This Church of South India Family and Friends Festival will be a time of learning, prayer, fellowship and various activities based on the Word of God which will enrich and raise our spiritual journey. The theme for this year's festival is Faith & Films in the Indian American Diaspora.
Los Angeles Prayer Gathering with IJM
Sunday, Sept. 22nd, 2:00pm – Hollywood
International Justice Mission is bringing the fight to end global slavery to you! Gather together as the Los Angeles community to engage in the hard work of prayer for the end of modern-day slavery.
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"What you heard from me, keep as the pattern of sound teaching, with faith and love in Christ Jesus. Guard the good deposit that was entrusted to you—guard it with the help of the Holy Spirit who lives in us."
— 2 Timothy 1:13-14
"Find the good, and praise it."
Alex Haley
Fifty years ago in Hollywood, a young pastor, a mainline conservative church, and a group of wide-eyed young people came together to create The Salt Company - a band that introduced Contemporary Christian Music to L.A.! And it all started at the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, where five other entertainment ministries have been successfully launched through the years – including HPN and Actors Co-Op, which are both still going strong.
HPN's newest YouVersion devotional on YOUR MISSION FIELD is now available. Have you ever thought of yourself as a missionary? Have you ever defined the place where you live or work as your mission field? This week we're going to focus on God's plan for all of us to be missionaries in our own mission field. We don't have to go overseas. We can spread the gospel to the people around us, just by loving them!
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