March 21, 2018
Week 5, Day 3
"Fasting" from: Energy | Some strategies: Turn off lights and appliances when you do not need them, wear warmer clothes inside to keep the heater lower

Since this is our last week of the carbon fast, I want to share one more example of a cool large-scale, long-term action a member of our community is embarking on to care for creation.

In today's devotion video, meet Reid, who will spend the next 40 years transforming two acres of land in upstate New York into a thriving forest garden.

Long-term actions to care for God's creation will look different for all of us. It may not be building a "passive home" like in yesterday's video, or transforming a plot of land -- but it could be talking to our family, roommates, building, or co-op about finding a renewable energy provider. Or it could be choosing one behavior or habit you've changed during this Carbon Fast, and deciding to make it permanent.

I'm not trying to trick you into doing more than you signed up for. But, while this 40-day Lenten Fast is a wonderful practice in awareness and discipline, the reality is that when Lent is over the urgent need for better stewardship of our Earth and its resources will remain. So I do encourage you to consider, what can you take out of this carbon fast experience? What might you do beyond this season of Lent, in the days, months, and years to come?


Today's Daily Action
Time: 5-15 min

Calculate your annual carbon footprint. If you missed yesterday's daily action, you will need to figure out your annual gas and electricity costs for this. You can do this by adding up your monthly bills if you hold on to them, or with most providers, by creating an online account or calling the phone number on your bill.
Daily Question
What can you take out of this carbon fast experience? What might you do beyond this season of Lent, in the days, months, and years to come? Share your answer in our Facebook group >

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