Hello Sweet SWERVER,

SWERVE General Manager, Jackie Alixander says "Body Oragami Yoga is life changing!" SWERVE Instructor Amanda Bauman also recommends the workshop, "...not only restorative, but also very deep in opening up tight places like hips and shoulders. Mei-Ling offers guidance and assistance, while simultaneously explaining the science behind the body's natural alignment as it relates to Eastern and Chinese medicine and philosophy."

I participated in Tiffany-Marie's Goddess Bellydance Workshop last month and simply delighted in it. Not only was it a solid and sustained cardio workout, the class was infused with positive energy from the movements--abs and core focused, the music--upbeat and energizing and the instructor--joyful and encouraging, keeping us going with enthusiasm and inspiration.

SWERVE client Laura Birch took Todd Kurpil's Lifeline Healing Circle and says, "I can't wait until the next session! I was amazed at Todd's ability to bring the group together in such a short amount of time. We left feeling connected, slightly altered and more self aware. I incorporated some of the methods into my daily practice."

We would love to share these three workshops and their healing joy with you, as well as all of our offerings at SWERVE. Check out the New Year's deal, as well as a free class with Jesse C. and a new YBB with Robyn.

Blessings On This New Year!