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For the Love of Gravatt
Staffer of the Year 2018 

Gravatt has been creating leaders through summer camp programming for 70 YEARS, and the summer of 2018 was no different. With 37 excellent, top-notch, kid-loving, goofy, hilarious, compassionate staff members, Gravatt sent home 1,044 HAPPY, safe campers, and for that, we are so grateful.

Each year, during the last session of summer, Gravatt is able to honor two staff members (one male, one female) with the Frederick C. Byrd Staffer of the Year Award. All past recipients are invited to have lunch in Collett and be a part of celebrating these two special staff members following the meal. The award is voted on by fellow staff members, for the staff members they feel embody the spirit and love of Christ daily throughout the summer. During the ceremony, quotes from their fellow staff members are read about the recipients when they are presented the award with sentiments like, “He is the best version of himself with his campers” and “Her efforts to set an example as an older staff member are intentional.”

This year’s recipients were Caroline Sinegar and Sam Robinson (pictured above). We all say that we are lucky to call Gravatt home, but more than that, Gravatt is lucky to be home to people like these two incredible staff members and human beings. What we do here is show love to children, and that would be truly impossible without people like Sam and Caroline, who give their all every single day of their summers. They do it not for recognition, but for love of the program that built them and shaped their childhoods. They do it so that the children they counsel can receive this very special award one day. They do it for the love of Gravatt.  

Shalom Circle 2018-2019
Beth Gets Blobbed!

Who's got the BEST Camp Director? We do! As part of our Shalom Circle 2018-2019 Project for a waterslide, Beth agreed to get blobbed for every $100 raised this summer---AKA 21 times. You can watch the full video compilation on our YouTube Channel by clicking the button below. Thanks for being a trooper, Beth! Want to help this project progress? You can give to the waterside project at our website!
Mark Your Calendars
Summer Camp 2019!

Junior Counselor Camp: March TBD

Spring Break Camp: April 15 – 19

Under the Tent Camp: May 4 – 5

Staff Training: May 26 – June 7

Family Camp 1: May 31 – June 2

Junior High 1: June 8 – 17
Elementary 1:  June 19 - 25 
Elementary 2:  June 27 - July 3
LIT 1: June 19 - July 3
Reach Out Camp: July 6 - 9 
Junior High 2:   July 11 - 20
Elementary 3:  July 22 - 28 
Elementary 4:  July 30 - August 5 
LIT 2: July 22 – August 5
All Ages:  August 7 - 13 

Family Camp 2: August 30 – September 1

Fall Camp: October TBD

Christmas Camp: December TBD

New Year’s Camp: December 27 – January 1

Deeds and Needs
A place to show gratitude to faithful supporters and acknowledge current need.

Deeds: A HUGE thank you is in order to those who helped us take care of our sweet staff members this summer! Namely, Rev. Scotty and Mary Anne Brock and St. David's Episcopal Church, who funded the post-summer staff banquet! Throughout the summer, there were many, many loving Gravatt friends who brought food and treats to share with staff. These folks are vital to the summer camp program, keeping our staff happy and well-loved, so thanks to all of you!
  • Christine Koutrakos
  • Rev. Dorian and Lauren Del Priore
  • Vanessa Overbay
  • Susie Kneece
  • Jimmy Hartley
  • Bobby and Barbara Jones
  • Bridges Michel
  • Maddy Mazoue
  • Paul and Brooke Gowder
  • Donna Lawhon Trapp

Needs: The Christmas Retreat for Military Families will be here before we know it, and we need some Christmas Elves! If you'd like to get involved by preparing and serving a meal for the families, contact Kara at We also need Christmas Cookies and materials to decorate gingerbread houses! Interested in donating some? Contact Kara! 
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