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Entercession this week

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,AS many know, Cathy is home, and I am embedded in a sensitive nation. I prepared E-ntercession before leaving the USA and scheduled it to be posted this morning. I wanted a reminder, "Please be careful not to share or post ANY overtly Chr*st*an material or anything political on my face-book page, e-mail, Whats app, messenger or social media applications. Your cooperation is essential. The instruction from our host was clear, "Careless posts put workers a risk, can cost lives."

Depending on security I may be able to share updates, but our expectation is, I will go dark for the next 2 weeks. Still even though my media footprint goes dark, with you, the Light is shining.
WE NEED YOU! Join us in prayer!

I absolutely had to tell you about the amazing time we had at ALL IN, the
New York Adult & Teen Challenge Spiritual Emphasis

ALL IN: Camp Champion,
As it has for decades-since TC first moved TC Students and Family ministry into Camp Champion, the cascading hillsides of the Catskill Mountains resounded with praise, as students of the New York Adult & Teen Challenge gathered for "ALL IN." What an amazing week of prayer and worship with Rev. Don Wilkerson, Jimmy Jack, Bill Kirk, Willie Ramos. and so many others. We were blessed to lead worship with TC and Will & Mary Kitchen.

Hundreds of students from centers in Brooklyn, Long Island, Albany, Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo, New York had such passion for Worship. We were so blessed to see such hunger for God and His purposes!

Just as we saw in Pacific NW, these in New York TC leaders, staff along with TYTC students from across the USA are a preparing compelling generation next of contagious, bulletproof TC graduates and workers. As you pray, you are part of the miracle,

Each day started with prayer & devotions, followed by brunch with praise, testimonies, more prayer and amazing meals cooked by each of the Centers.

Every night ended with the legendary Camp Champion Fire talks as Brother Wilkerson and leaders shared great stories of the rich History of Teen Challenge and staff and students shared their testimonies. Cathy and I love to share what God is doing around the world not only at the Campfires, but at our ministry table. We ministered to soooo many students who came by to pray. We shared and cast vision, praying that God would ignite their heart for missions. We tell them, "Get a vision! What God saved for is greater than what he saved you from."

Gospel Tabernacle
at 75 years

What an honor to be invited to minister the word at GT, the church pastored by David Wilkerson's in 1958, as they celebrated their 75 th Anniversary.

60 years ago a young pastor named David Wilkerson took an offering to go to New York City. He obeyed God's call to, "Go help those boys."

David Wilkerson has gone home to be with the Lord but Teen Challenge has grown from that first seedc offering from a tiny country church in Pennsylvania. The original center in Brooklyn has spread around the world with over 1400 Teen Challenge centers in 125 nations. Gospel Tabernacle has continued to thrive and at 75 years old, is still bringing the message of the gospel to their community.

It was great to see dear friends Denny and Vonnie and meet Pastor Dan Wilkens. What an honor to hug Sister Smith, a delightful lady who put the first 25 cents in that offering plate in 1958. She is now 88. I looked at her and smiled.
"Look what you started!" I said.
Tears filled her eyes as we hugged.


Some shared about Brother Dave, some about Brother Don Wilkerson who visited there summers and holidays between Bible School and TC work.

To one man, God said, "Stop watching so much TV and pray. It was one man, Brother Dave, with the courage to say, "Yes," when God called. Then, tiny church with a big heart to say, "Yes, go help those boys."


It was Dave's brother Don Wilkerson who came alongside to Pastor the addicts and build a program of discipleship, with thousands of nameless faceless workers who have faithfully served that vision worldwide.


I ask myself every day,the question, "What would you be willing to surrender to God to launch a ministry that would change the world?"


It takes just one. Say ,"Yes."


7  "Only be strong and very courageous; be careful to do according to all the law which Moses My servant commanded you; do not turn from it to the right or to the left, so that you may have success wherever you go.
Joshua 1:7 NASB

God gave Joshua an amazing promise of success. For many in my country, “success” is the American dream. Unfortunately the way we define success is a most important question. A flawed definition will lead to an endless hamster wheel of human effort and aimless striving which leaves us frustrated, disappointed and empty.

Our culture and a great deal of what masquerades as Christian theology on TV promises microwave miracles, rapid rewards, and instant gratification. We must understand God has called us not to ease, but a marathon. What God is doing in you is far more important than what happens to you! If your life doesn't look like what God promised you, be patient, God is not done yet!

What is success? Is it measured in popularity, possessions, or position Recently a friend went on the website of a major bookseller to search for books with the word success in the title. She found literally thousands on line.  

If your life does not look like what God promised, be patient, He is not done yet

Real success is not measured in finances, reputation or your social media footprint. #RockinIT #AtTheGymGettinALLswoll #BestVERSIONofME #CheckMEout

SUCCESS is being strong and courageous to walk IN consistent obedience to the voice of God no matter what the culture says. The list of things you can use to measure success is almost as endless as that website search on success. What a shame that so many people spend their lives pursuing the wrong things.

So, how does God define success? His measure is very different from the world’s, and it can be summed up in 4 words. In God’s eyes it is " faithfulness to His call."


In John 4, THe Lord is ministering to a Samaritan woman, ostracized and a social outcast. When the disciples come to him, seeing the locals were scandalized that he would speak to such a woman, his disciples urged him to eat.  (They had seen a Snickers commercial, "You’re not yourself when you are hungry).

31) Meanwhile the disciples were urging Him, saying, "Rabbi, eat."
32) But He said to them, "I have food to eat that you do not know about."
33)  So the disciples were saying to one another, "No one brought Him anything to eat, did he? "John 4:31-33

I can hear it, "Yo, Who went to Chipotle without tellin us?"
John says, "Was it burger King, no He is the real King."
Peter says, "Did he have a snickers, yet? "
-- BUT The Lord interrupts them to bring all of life and illusions about success into focus with one sentence,

  He said to them, "My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me and to accomplish His work. John 4:34


What is your food? In the King James Bible, the word “leader” is mentioned 6 times, but "servant" is mentioned 900 times. “Why are there so many leadership conferences not serving conferences?" The word "success " is mentioned only 6 times in the Bible yet "service, servant or serving" is mentioned 1368 times. I am convinced there is a pattern there. If we focused more on serving and less on leading or our success … We could find the peace that comes from knowing the security of His love and calling, not trusting social media or the shifting tides of culture to define us..

What is your definition of success?
Is it the same as God’s?
Are you pursuing "IT," Or are you following HIM?


2018 has been a year of miracles.

You could not be with us in the Syrian Refugee Camps of the Rebeka Valley, Malawi, Rwanda, South Africa or the United Kingdom-but you were with us in prayer, partnership and giving.
Thank you for standing with us, praying for us and as the Lord leads, partnering with us through your gifts.



October 1-10, 2018
Sensitive nation


October 29-Nov 6, 2018
Anniversary Celebration

Capetown, South Africa

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God willing, 2019 Preliminary Schedule

February   invitations from
Nigeria, Cote advisor, & Congo
March 8-18   Calvary Church Nashville
Missions Convention
April 1-8   Europe TC 50th Anniversary
April 9-18   Romania-Slovenia (tent)
May   All Africa Regional
June 6-18   MISSION SOS
Moro Giro, Tanzania
July 12- 24  


Arusha, Tanzania

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for the end of 2018 & 2019
email us at
or call Cathy @ 757.218.8499


October 21, 2018
York Assembly of God

Yorktown, VA 10:30


October 21-24, 2018

Staff/Student Summit

Teen Challenge Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, OK A.G Camp


October 28, 2018

Trinity Assembly of God 10 am
West Chester, PA


Tuesday, December 18, 2018
Christmas Banquet

Blue Mt Christian Retreat
New Ringgold, PA

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Again I say
unto you,
that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done
for them of
my Father which is in heaven.

1) INDONESIA: Tsunami

Please pray that God will comfort them in their suffering, give strength to first responders, workers, and volunteers, and draw many people to His Love. May the tsunami of devastation be overwhelmed by a tsunami of LOVE.

Desperation is growing in the stricken Indonesian city of Palu as residents faced a fifth day with little food or clean drinking water and the official death toll mounted in the wake of Friday's devastating earthquake and tsunami.
The number of people killed rose to 1,234 on Tuesday, including Monday's grim discovery of 34 bodies, mostly children, in a church recreation hall in Sigi Biromaru south of Palu.

2) SPIRITUAL EMPHASIS New York Adult and Teen Challenge
Please pray as the students head back -- after such a powerful week of ministry, now comes the most significant part of the proceeds, that God will give them "life application" as they return to their centers in Brooklyn, Long Island, Albany, Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo, New York! You are part of the miracle.

3) Sensitive nation

~ ~ Don't (just) pray for safety, pray for favor and boldness



The Mission SOS gear did not make it out of Rwanda. At the border, as the truck awaited clearance, a vehicle lost its brakes crashing into our truck and eight other vehicles.
There was a huge explosion, a blazing inferno and the containers, the entire stage, lighting, and sound equipment were consumed. All of the festival gear valued at approximately US$ 1.5 million has been lost and the system must be reconfigured in time for the June outreach in Tanzania. A truck fire will not stop momentum, but they need your prayers and as the Lord leads -- financial help..


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