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Private Label vs. Branded Manufacturing...

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014 • City Club

From left: Frank Kaufman, Moss Adams; Daniel Abromovitch, Topson Downs; Mitchell Quaranta, Swat Fame; Daniel Neukomm, La Jolla Group;  Kevin Sullivan, Wells Fargo Capital Finance
(September 16, 2014) - The California Fashion Association  produced the "Private Label vs. Branded Manufacturing" breakfast event, hosted by Wells Fargo Capital Finance at the City Club in downtown Los Angeles, with additional support from Moss Adams LLP.  The event attracted industry executives from brands and manufacturers throughout Southern California. 

The panelists offered insight into their company's development plans, and accepted questions from the audience.  The panel, moderated by Kevin Sullivan, Executive Vice President of Wells Fargo Capital Finance, included Mitchell Quaranta of Swat Fame, Inc.; Daniel Abramovitch of Topson Downs; Daniel Neukomm of La Jolla Group; and Frank Kaufman of Moss Adams LLP.
Manuka Clark, Suzette Vader,
Farr West
Christian Emerson, RKE; 
Cami Gasmer, Kim & Cami
Ilse Metchek, CFA; Alison Nieder, California Apparel News
From Left: Simon Dufour, Moss Adams; Dan Diaz, Melin Brand; Mark Hyman, Liquid Graphics; Brian McDonnell, Melin Brand
Dean Fusco, Signal Brands
From Left: Mark Lesser, Barbara Lesser; Vera Campbell, KWDZ; 
Barbara Lesser, Barbara Lesser
Danny McLain, Cohn Handler & Co.;  Kaiomarz Bhada, 
Wells Fargo Capital Finance
Mike Reynoso, Garment Alliance
Helene Stein, EcoTex; Andrew Horowitz, ​Morgan Stanley
From Left: Amy Brown, CFA; Kaleigh Kemmerly,  HUB International; Jana Martinec, Moss Adams
From Left:  Natasha Stevenson, RKE; Santiago Coleman, Wells Fargo Capital Finance; Jacki Devirian, RKE
From Left: Christopher Rogers, Kevin Sullivan; Wells Fargo Capital Finance; Daniel Neukomm, La Jolla Group
Daniella Platt, Threadvine;  
Kelly Stacey, 
Computer Generated Solutions
Eileen Hoffman, Genexy Co.; 
Nola Oswitt, Choon
Dan Diaz, Brian McDonnell, 
Melin Brand
Sasha Polakoff, Viva Cotton;
 Frank Kaufman, Moss Adams
From Left: Danny McLain, Cohn Handler & Co.; Mitesh Solanki, Hatel Bhakta, Creative Intellects; Alex Sturm, Cohn Hander
   Oliver Bajracharya, 
   Christie Parker Hale
Mitchell Quaranta
Co-Ceo & President, Swat Fame, Inc.

"Consumers understand the value of a manufacturer's brand versus a private label brand"
Daniel Abramovitch
Vice President, Topson Downs

"A brand is always able to generate a few extra consumer dollars at retail"
Daniel Neukomm
Partner, La Jolla Group

"You can unlock the value of a trend with a brand"
Frank Kaufman
Partner, Moss Adams LLP

"The margins and price of a private label product are lower than branded offerings"
Kevin Sullivan
Executive Vice-President, Wells Fargo Trade Capital
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