The morning air is still brisk in Ithaca, but the hours of sunshine are once again outweighing the dark hours. Soon, melting snow will give way to spring wildflowers. Our favorite gorge trails will reopen, and we'll enjoy a nice afternoon hike followed by a cold Ithaca Cascazilla in the sunny beer garden at North Star House, with a warm breeze and some fries and....wait, where was I?
Oh yes, newsletter....
Detail from photograph by local artist Fernando Llosa
World Water Day
March 22 has been designated by the UN as a day to think about clean freshwater -  something easy to take for granted in our area, but a scarce necessity in many parts of the world. One way we at HGH try to contribute to clean waterways is by making it easier to choose organic cotton and other natural fibers like wool, flax linen and kapok for our home furnishings and apparel. Doing so helps reduce the use of pesticides and herbicides, protecting our waterways from toxic runoff. 
In addition, by reducing our use of synthetic fibers, we can mitigate the thorny problem of microfiber pollution (tiny bits of plastic that shed from our garments in the washing machine, and travel down the drain to waterways). Pro-tip: use athletic wear for several workouts before throwing it in the wash (outdoors at least!).
    United By Blue
    Long time Home Green Homies may not realize how much stylish apparel we now have in the shop. One of our most popular additions has been the Philadelphia-based company United By Blue. Known for clean water activism in addition to eco-chic outdoor clothing and gear, UBB provides us with a number of earth-friendlier alternatives in backpacks, organic cotton graphic tees and flannel shirts, as well as various outdoor-enthusiastic provisions.
    Stop in during Downtown Fashion Week April 9-14 and enjoy 15% off all United by Blue (and Alchemy Goods) apparel and accessories.
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    Get ready for
    warm weather
    with a stylish
    organic cotton graphic tee
    "Measure your health by your sympathy with morning and spring"
    —Henry David Thoreau
    Savvy Rest March Promotion
    Pondering a new mattress? There's still time to take advantage of this promotion from Savvy Rest, our maker of highly customizable organic mattresses in Virginia. Savvy Rest mattresses purchased this month will come with up to $800 in free bedding: a set of organic cotton sheets, an organic cotton mattress pad, and two kapok-fill pillows. (Excludes crib size). And as always, free setup and delivery in Tompkins County.
    An enthusiastic shout-out to local non-profit group Love Knows No Bounds! These folks have gathered generous Ithacans to help out various communities following floods, and have also been helping locals in need of beds and furniture by redistributing donated used items. Here at HGH, we've been working with LKNB for several years to re-home used mattresses from our customers that are still in usable condition. If you're looking for a good way to donate your time, resources, or used furniture, check out their website!