What's Happening?

Creation Education Center
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Why the Change...
Changing one’s name is not a casual endeavor or something you do for no apparent reason.  So why are we changing our name?  Great question!

If you were driving by a store named “Just Lamps”, you could comfortably conclude they only sell lamps.  If you’re looking for end tables or mirrors, you’ll probably have to keep on driving.

Over the past 10 years of the ministry, God has opened more and more doors of opportunity, allowing us to reach more and more people, with an ever-broadening message.  However, when people see the name, “Creation Education Center” they most often feel they know exactly what we’re all about and frequently make decisions regarding whether or not to consider hosting or attending an event based solely on their per-conceived notions regarding what we do.  This is certainly understandable.

As the ministry has continued to mature, we felt God leading us to reach broader and broader audiences, with an even broader message.  We are not in any way moving away from our current message, but more accurately, solidifying and expanding it to be even more effective and impactful.

Key Factor:  Think about this… everyone has a starting point for their beliefs.  Everyone has to start “somewhere”.  For Christians, we believe that God exists and the Bible is His inspired, inerrant Word.  We build our opinion regarding everything else based upon that foundation or “starting point”.  Our ideas of what science is actually all about, history, ethics, morality, philosophy… they are all defined by the starting point we’ve chosen.  In a casual, non-threatening way, you can easily ask someone what their starting point is.  They may not even be aware they have one, but would quickly agree that everyone does have to start somewhere.  This naturally lends itself to interesting discussions regarding the starting point we’ve chosen, why we’ve chosen it and how it might color how we view everything else, including making judgements on controversial social issues such as same-sex marriage, transgenderism, abortion, legalizing of certain drugs, etc.

Another thing significantly shaped by our starting point is our belief about our origins, which leads into all of the talks we already give on creation & evolution.  So we're certainly are not abandoning this topic or down-playing its importance in any way.  We’re just going deeper and addressing even more fundamental issues, such as the inspiration of Scripture and defense in general of the Christian faith.  These topics have generated interest from a much broader range of people, as opposed to the perception that we just speak to those who are struggling with the creation vs. evolution controversy.

What Else is Happening…
In an effort to broaden our message, our audience and our reach, in addition to launching a new website, we are taking on the following initiatives:

  • Adding video streaming capabilities
  • Refreshing all of our resources

Video Streaming

We have been overwhelmed (in a good way) with requests for engagements and are obviously fairly limited as to how many places we can go each year.  Video streaming will allow us to reach a wider audience that time and travel would normally prohibit. We occasionally are able to speak at Christian schools, universities & smaller churches, but this would expand our ability greatly.

Video streaming would also allow us to host regularly scheduled webinars simultaneously available to audiences all over the world.  These live broadcasts could also be archived for viewing “on-demand” by others at a later time.

Refreshing Resources

Launching these initiatives gives us a great opportunity to also refresh our current resources to reflect the expanded message and outreach.  In light of this, we will be updating our videos and written materials, again as time allows (being too big of a project to do all at once).
What You Can Do...
We trust that God will lead all of you to being praying for the ministry, so that it can be all that God intends it to be and that it reflects His will and not our own.  We also know that God will lead some of you to help us financially, contributing towards the expenses of these powerful initiatives.

Contact Us to learn more about how you can specifically be involved, including the total budget and what we’ve had committed to date from other donors.
We are VERY excited about all of this and are eagerly anticipating seeing the fruits of these initiatives as God leads and provides.

We’d love to hear from you, so feel free to contact us anytime with your comments and/or questions!

If you are a regular donor to the Creation Education Center, please click here to see how our name change may affect how you send your on-going support.

Jay Seegert
 Keynote Speaker

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