Thanks for taking some time to check in on our newsletter. You may be inspired by Gary's story about running a marathon, or just inspired to make a few changes to your personal financial story. Either way, set aside some time this week to check in with yourself: How are you doing on your budget? Are you on track for that savings goal for your summer vacation? Whatever you do, try and stay away from some of the common money mistakes that can hurt long term. Read more about those in this article. 


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Running the Numbers

As readers of this newsletter know, Gary completed his first marathon a few months ago. Throughout the training for the event, he drew some parallels between the challenges he faced running and financial challenges. We continue with the series here:

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When you can't be there...

 Technology doesn't just save us from washing dishes by hand, it can assist us with helping our families in other ways.

Michelle highlights a few ways technology can help when  you are supporting a loved one who wants to live at home, but may need additional assistance. Click here...


Monthly Market Monitor


There are a few of you who get excited about charts and graphs about the markets. Here's your monthly fix. Click here...

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