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    • 2017 Convention Web Page Updates
        - Congrats to the 2016 Achievement Award winners
        - Visit the Trade Show one more time
        - Thanks for showing us your #FairFace!
        - Wine & Cheese photos added
        - More to come!

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The Spring Issue of the Fair Dealer focuses on convention recap,
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Thank you for joining us in Reno for the
2017 WFA Convention & Trade Show

There was so much excitement, there's plenty to recap!

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Here's what's new so far:
Congratulations to all of the 2016 Achievement Award winners!
You can view the winners

We've paired exhibitor contact info with photos of each booth
so you won't miss out on hiring the very best for your fair!
You really know how to get your #FairFace on, WFA!
With hundreds of entries into the #FairFace photo contest,
we can now look back at convention as never before!
Visit the #FairFace web page to view all of the entries
and relive the fun and excitement of RECONNECT!
The Service Member-hosted
was a hit!

Check out the photos
from this year's event.
There's still more to come!
for announcements as we add information from the
educational sessions, photos, and more!
NEW! Business Banking 101 Webinars
When WFA put out the call for better business banking,
UMS Banking rose to the challenge,
providing specialized services for both fairs & service members.

15 years later, the team at Fair Payment Processing by UMS Banking
is partnering with WFA once again to present
a series of 6 FREE 30-minute webinars
to help you
make better business banking decisions.

Find your favorite topic or participate in all 6 webinars:

        Business Banking 101 - More Bank for Your Buck
        Business Banking 102 - Understand what YOU Bring to the Banking Table
        Increasing Revenue by Building a Smart Payments Package
        Payment Processing - Evaluating a Payment Processor
        Behind the Curtain of Payment Processing
        It's a Wrap! So What's Next?

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