Weekend Music Guide
June 18, 2020

RMF Launches Music Therapy Program for those Suffering from Addiction

Earlier this year, thanks to a grant through the Community General Hospital Healthcare Fund of the Berks County Community Foundation, RMF launched its very first music therapy program. In 2019 , RMF assessed the music therapy needs within Berks County, and found that very few services were being provided for people suffering from addiction. The Pennsylvania Adult & Teen Challenge clients are the first recipients of these efforts. 

RMF, partnering with WB Music Therapy and with funding through the grant, now have a certified music therapist working with the patients at PAATC in their detox and short-term rehabilitation programs. Gretchen Patti, Music Therapist, has been welcomed three hours weekly as part of the clinical team, and works with the other therapists in creating patient-specific treatment plans in a group setting. She’s seen success with sessions on lyric analysis (helping patients find the right words to explain how they’re feeling), as well as percussive ensembles.

The program swiftly moved to a virtual space when COVID-19 restricted in-person meetings. Groups continue to meet with Gretchen weekly and enjoy guided meditation sessions with music to close each session.

A big thank you to Berks County Community Foundation for their investment in this program which allows RMF to provide crucial music therapy services in our community! The clients look forward to getting Gretchen back in person when COVID protocols allow.

      Guided Meditation with Singing Bowl
Remote Session with Gretchen Patti

RMF's mission is to advance and advocate for music education and appreciation in Berks County.