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May The Road Rise Up To Meet You

Who says you need to fly somewhere to go on vacation? And who said that vacation couldn’t
be in your own living room or at the
cute knitting store across the way?
This summer, we’re going on the trip of a lifetime to Ireland, and you won’t have to deal with packing, long lines at the airport, or jet lag to get there. All you need is some yarn and some inspiration. We at Knit & Pearls are here to provide you both of these things. 

Take a tour of Ireland:
A landscape to inspire legends

What’s it all about?

First of all, there is no travel involved.
This is a Virtual Adventure!

The Emerald Isle is as diverse as it is stunning.
Wild beaches, rugged coastline and green fields stand in stark
contrast to its country villages and bustling towns.
Join us as we journey up the Wild Atlantic Way.
 Throughout the summer starting June 1st thru the end of August,
we will be making three “stops” on the Mid Atlantic Way in Ireland:
the Haven Coast, the Cliff Coast, and the Northern Headlands.
Each month we will explore a new area of Ireland, using the
beauty of the region to inspire a new project! 
You can knit, crochet, weave, or needle felt—
you just need to be creating something using some
form of fiber arts purchased at the store.
You can also win some wonderful prizes simply by participating (details below).
There is no time limit on each project. Should you like to spend time in the lush mountains of Donegal or wander the streets of the Aran Islands the entire summer, it is completely up to you. If you would like to bounce around to all three places, then you only increase your chances of winning a prize.
We want you to make this the summer vacation of your woolen dreams.

What does your Ireland Adventure cost?
Our adventure is FREE!  We do ask that the yarn/roving is purchased from Knit & Pearls.  Special discounts will be offered during designated weeks during the summer.
Check out the details of our Itinerary!
June - Haven Coast
Old Head of Kinsale - watch now

The southernmost stretch of the Wild Atlantic Way zigzags gently, from dreamy Bantry Bay through Skibbereen and on to Kinsale. Past gardens lush with sub-tropical plants. Between hedgerows thick with fuschia and monbretia. By hundreds of inlets, tiny coves, safe harbours and Blue Flag beaches, just right for long days
spent in the salty air… beachcombing, island-hopping, whale-watching, learning to sail, kayaking on a saltwater
lake in the moonlight, or simply enjoying a pint on the quayside while the fishing boats land their catch. There’s
something restorative about the temperate Gulf Stream climate, the peaceful vibe and creative scene. 
The beautiful environs of Lough Hyne in Skibbereen
Haven Coast Inspirations​
There are over 90 lighthouses across Ireland. Lighthouses have been the great beacons of Ireland's coastline, helping seafarers safely find their way. So what better way to celebrate their role in maritime life and their fascinating history than to use them as inspiration for our June Project.

This month create something that includes the word LIGHT.

May 24th - 31st:  
Any purchases for the Summer Adventure
made this week will be 10% off!
A quick tour of just a few of these majestic beauties!

We have found many ideas for you on Ravelry: 
Plus we've found a few of our favs...
Light and Lacy Shawl
The First Light
Light Basic Shell
Light Layers
July - The Cliff Coast:
Hard Land, Warm Hearts
and the Aran Islands
The Cliffs of Moher - Take a Tour!
“The land is hard, the soul is not” says the Lonely Planet about the Cliff Coast … where ice-age landscapes meet west-coast warmth, and music is a way of life. It’s a place for clifftop walks, island-hopping, traditional pubs … and soul-stirring views. Rainbows in the ocean spray along the Loop Head Drive; colonies of puffins on the sheer Cliffs of Moher; bottlenose dolphins in the mouth of the Shannon; and the view of Clare’s mountains from Kerry’s Cliffs of Dooneen. Then there’s the otherworldly Burren – a vast limestone pavement rich with rare flora, crossed by ancient green roads. And down to the Flaggy Shore, described by Seamus Heaney in his much-loved poem Postcript as a place that can “catch the heart off guard and blow it open”. Enough said?


For centuries the beautiful and unique artwork of intertwined knots has featured in Irish culture.  By the late 1800s, these intricate patterns were being knit into sweaters across Ireland’s numerous fishing villages. These patterns, steeped in heritage, also feature prominently in Irish knit pillows and throws.

Knitters of the Aran Islands, a group of craggy islands in Galway Bay on the Cliff Coast, developed a plethora of delicate patterns full of symbolism. These knits share the history and values of the native people of these rugged islands.
The Story of the Aran Sweater  - find out what the patterns symbolize!

The Cliff Coast's Inspirations
Take a cue from the Aran Island and create your own project that incorporates some sort of Aran knitting. These are only suggestions -
feel free to find your own inspirations!

June 24th - July 1st: 
Any purchases for the Summer Adventure made this week will be 10% off!  If you participated in June, it's 20% off!!
Tied Knots
Crocheted Liffey Swim Gloves
Broome Cowl
Celtic Myths
We will have kits of Yarns to Inspire Enchantment for this!
Entangle Basket
August - Northern Headlands
Take a Tour along Donegal''s Mid Atlantic Way- Watch the video
Untouched and virtually unexplored, this ruggedly beautiful and remote region lies at the far north of the Wild Atlantic Way. It’s no wonder Donegal was named the ‘Coolest Place on the Planet for 2017’ by National Geographic Traveler. Visit Donegal WoolensMcNutt of Donegal have been producing some of the world's finest weaves for over 60 years. 

Nature is spectacular and bracing here, from the sheer granite walls of some of Europe’s highest sea cliffs, at Sliabh Liag, to the Northern Lights dancing in clear winter skies, to the millions of seabirds gathering in great estuaries, en route across the globe. There’s a strong sense of community in this sparsely populated region; Ireland’s wildest shores are home to its largest Gaeltacht – where Irish is still the mother tongue and traditional culture thrives. 

Let’s explore this magical place where the sea air revives,
minds and horizons expand, stories are told, adventures
are shared, and spirits lift. 
Northern Headland's Inspirations
Work up a project using Yarns to Inspire
Colorway Northern Lights.
Or follow in the footsteps of Donegal Woolens
and create a project that is woven or looks woven!
Some "woven" knit stitches include:
Linen Stitch, Half Linen Stitch, Herringbone Stitch and Entrelac
These are just a few ideas - feel free to find your own!

July 22nd - 29th: Any purchases for the Summer Adventure made this week will be 10% off if this is your first stop with us!  If it's your second stop, enjoy 20% off.  If you've been with us since Haven Coast, enjoy 30% off.
See the Northern Lights over Donegal - watch the video
Spindrift Shawl in Northern Lights

Crocheted Virus Shawl in Northern Lights
Linen Stitch Scarf
Entrelac Scarf
Herringbone Hat
Herringbone Buttoned Cowl
Half Linen Stitch-ish Cowl
Pixie Mitts - Crocheted

bronnadh duaiseanna
(Prize Giving in Gaelic)
It’s like coming back with souvenirs to celebrate
your fabulous summer vacation! 

1. When you purchase yarn for your project, we are
offering  discounts during specified weeks each month.
The more places you visit, the more you save.

If you are joining us from afar, please call the store to place your order as providing correct discount codes for online ordering is beyond our techie capabilities!

2.  Once you've made your purchase, you'll have the chance to win one of the giveaways for that month.

Some of these include:  Free Drop-in Help Coupons,
Knitting Bags, Accessories, Kits, Tea and more!!

3.  If you choose to do all three projects with us, we will also be awarding two very special prizes that you will be eligible for in addition to the monthly giveaways.  

A Block N Roll 
Block to perfection,
store with ease
Plus a Gift Certificate for a FREE
Blocking Class

Knit & Pearls 
Gift Certificate
Let’s sign you up for our Irish Summer Adventure…
Want to join us as we "travel" our way across Ireland?
Call us to register or just stop by. You’ll learn a little,
make new friends, and have lots of fun while doing it.
Sheep not included.


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