April 13, 2018
Today's temperature:  +2ºC
Tomorrow’s temperature: +8ºC, Sunday +4ºC
Snowfall in past 48 hours: 4
Packed base: 8-15 cm
Hours of operation:  Daily 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The culmination of this ski season is proving to be delightfully elusive, as evidenced by the perpetually extended denouement, replete with plot twists in the weather. While this may be perplexing and even exasperating for some as they grasp at pithy nomenclature to express their derision, our Nordic faction continue their adamant enjoyment, revelling in the opportunity to indulge for just a little while longer…  The fact that our planetary axial tilt should at this point be inducing irrevocable solar and thermal assault on our snow makes it all the more appealing to take delight in skiing on overall wonderful conditions for April (take that November – December!). We will continue to align our grooming ministrations with the continuance of viable snow, although with some concessions to the inevitability of “Spring” occurring, primarily moving to single classic tracks on most trails as snow depth and quality on trail edges recedes.

In deference to the inescapable (and eventually welcome) consummation of the ski season, we are pleased to host the 2018 SWC Spring Fling Ski Special this Sunday (April 15). This is a fun, low-key throw-down ski event to celebrate the season, discuss novel excuses for perceived performance, trade hero stories of skiing glory, contemplate nuances in moose gaits, and generally partake in vainglorious Nordic narcissism - details below.  And coming in May, we will be selling our rental ski equipment, information below.  

See you on the trails!
Grooming Report:
We're out today levellling and mixing the fresh snow into the base; track setting will be done later tonight once temperatures drop. Please note that there will be only one classic track on most trails. Use caution on these areas; Old Ridgeway - East at the front entrance (bare/thin), Coyote (thin/bare spots), Multipurpose (icy / thin spots). Trail fees are still in effect, please stop by to purchase or scan your pass.
West Trails Last Groomed Last Track Set Rating / Comments
Multipurpose April 13 April 13
Fair - Good, icy spots                  
Moose April 13 April 13 Good
Old Ridgeway April 13
April 13 Good
Deer April 13
April 13 Good
East Trails Last Groomed Last Track Set Rating / Comments
Fox April 13 April 13 Good
Owl April 13 April 13 Good - Very Good
Wagon April 13 April 13 Good - Very Good
Coyote North April 13 April 13 Good, some thin / icy spots         
Coyote South April 13 April 13 Good
Old Ridgeway April 13 April 13 Fair, thin / icy at entrance
Wax Recommendations:
It's a mixed bag for snow conditions, with a bit of everthing right now... Glide waxing will be relatively easy; grip will be variable...
Glide: Swix LF8/ HF8 (mix some LF7 in for early morning temperatures)
Grip: Swix KX30 blue klister base (thin), Swix KX35 / 40S for morning skiing, KX45 as it warms up. If there is any fresh or fine grain snow in the track, mix in some VR55/60.
* OR try Swix KN44 Nero klister - covers a range of changing snow conditions from -3C to +5C.

Ski season is still here! Keep those irons warm and don't stuff your ski clothes away to ripen for next season just yet... On Sunday, April 15, we are pleased to present the SWC Spring Fling Ski Special:

  • When: Sunday, April 15, 9:00 am
  • What: Last throw-down race of this extended ski season, just for fun! Free technique, 4km course (map below)
  • Format: 4 km Open Men/ Women and Open Youth; 16 km (4 x 4 km) Open Men / Women; 16 km  (4 x 4 km) Open Relay and Youth Relay. Relay teams of 2-4 skiers, time bonus for best relay team name
  • Registration: Email name, distance, category; relay teams - skier names, team name, and category to bjorn.taylor@strathcona.ca 
  • Deadline: Saturday, April 14 10pm. Race day registration by bribe only
  • Check-in / bib pick-up: 8:00 to 8:45am at the Info Center
  • Post-race: BBQ will be fired up; hot dogs supplied while quantities last (bring your own if you want!); water and Gatorade

SWC Used XC Rental Gear Sale:

  • Sale starts at 11:00am, Tuesday, May 1, 2018 at the Strathcona Wilderness Centre
  • First-come, first-served basis (no reserving)
  • Equipment sold as is, no returns, no warranty
  • Payments accepted via debit, M/C, VISA, or cash
  • Please email questions to bjorn.taylor@strathcona.ca

Touring ski equipment:

Fischer Fiber Crown skis, w/ NNN Auto bindings: $100

Fischer Sprint Crown Jr. skis, w/NNN Jr bindings: $75

Fischer XC Comfort boots: $50

Fischer XJ Sprint boots: $40

XC touring poles: $15/pr.

Skate ski equipment:

Fischer Skate skis w/ NNN Skate bindings: $200

Fischer Skate boots: $95

Skate poles: $30/pr.

Book the lodge
Did you know that our main lodge is available to book? It has meeting/dining space for up to 50 people, and overnight accommodations for 40; a fully equipped kitchen, commercial cooking grill, barbecue, fireplace, dormitories and meeting space in the lower lodge.