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Jan. 2017 Newsletter  |  Number 141
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Upcoming Classes

Small Group Workout - 1/12
Stepping Out - 1/14
Creating Characters - 1/14
Adv. Audio Books I & II - 1/15
Copy Intensive - 1/17-2/7
Preparing for a Demo - 1/19-26
Home Recording: Audacity - 1/18
On-Camera 101 - 1/19-26
By The Book - 1/21-22, 28-29

Acting for VO & More - 2/2-16
INRTO: Starting Out - 2/4
Small Group Workout - 2/8
The Long Haul - 2/11
Stepping Out - 2/12
Creating Characters - 2/12
Home Recording: Studio - 2/15
Bringing Voices to Life - 2/17-19
Narration Simple - 2/24-25
VO Boot Camp - 2/26

Classes often sell out.
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Activate Your Voice is a professional vocal warm up in your pocket. Use it anytime, anywhere to speak like a pro. Just five minutes a day improves your vocal resonance, strength, articulation and enunciation.


Casting Database


One-time setup of
$50 plus $10/month
for first year.
$60/year thereafter.

Producers are listening

There’s a lot of anticipation and excitement leading up to getting an agent and very little pomp and circumstance during the actual “signing” process. You may or may not have to sign a General Service Contract (GSA). A handshake or verbal agreement may be satisfactory. Some actors may be brought into the agency on a trial basis before the agency makes the official decision to create a long term relationship with that actor.

Most agents want exclusive representation in their market. The actor can seek additional talent agency representation in other areas, but not in their city or market. Having many agents is good for increased booking opportunities but tricky when multiple agents request you for the same audition or job. Establish your primary agent and defer to that agency when in doubt.

Only acquire the number of talent agents that you can service easily. Be aware of time differences and how they will impact your schedule. Find a balance between personal and work life that works for you. After an audition is submitted you will either hear nothing, get a “check avail” to see if you’re available to record the job on or by
a particular time, or receive a booking.

While an actor/agent relationship is intended to last a lifetime, there are times that an actor and talent agent are no longer a good fit. Changing agents is never pleasant. If you feel this is a necessary move for your career, arrange a meeting with the current agent to discuss your decision. If that is not possible, write a sincere and thoughtful note. Keep the information positive and professional. You want to leave that bridge intact should you need to cross over it again in the future.

​Excerpted from third edition of "There's Money Where Your Mouth Is." Order your copy. 
Sunday Drop-In Improv

Jan 29 - Improv Games & Scenes.
While everyone can have fun with improv, it's especially recommended for performers. For the actor, improv can expand your range, keep you loose, help manage any performance anxiety and keep you ready to take best advantage of unexpected opportunities

​​$15 cash at the door.

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