Confirmation Sunday

On Saturday we held our final class for our students about to be confirmed this Sunday. In the class, students discussed the things they are saying "no" to and "yes" to when they formally affirm their faith in worship. Among the no's were injustice, hate, and selfishness. Among the yes's were forgiveness, working for justice, and having a voice in the church.

How do these yes's and no's relate to your understanding of what your faith means? 

We are about to welcome these confirmands into the ranks of adult members, and join them in a new chapter of living out together what being a Christian community means. What does it mean? The image of our confirmands' notes above is actually very helpful.

All families, we invite you to join us in affirming and celebrating our confirmands at 11am Worship this Sunday, May 15! There will be a cake and coffee reception afterward in the basement fellowship hall as well.

CYF Survey

If you haven't yet, please take a few minutes to complete our Children, Youth & Families end-of-year survey. We're only going to run the survey for one more week, so don't miss this opportunity to share your perspective on important decisions about programming this summer and next school year.

We look forward to hearing from you!

End-of-Year Party

On Sunday May 22, we are having a special party during our Sunday School hour to celebrate the "official" end of the Sunday School year. Note that we'll be finished with this year's curriculum on May 22, but we'll continue to offer light programming for families from 10-11am for several more weeks.

We'll also take this celebration to say goodbye to some of our seminarians and staff who have helped to make our Sunday School, Confirmation, and Youth Night programs so great.

Terris Krueger will be starting CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) in June, and his internship in September out on Long Island. Jessica Christy is deliberating her next step as she graduates from Union Theological Seminary. Vicar Nancy is completing her internship here and graduating from Union Theological Seminary. Paul Miller will be starting an internship near his home in New Jersey.

Please join us in celebrating these peoples' gifts and the time they have dedicated to our ministry. If you can't make it on May 22, you can also drop off or send a card to our office. If sending by mail, our address is 2504 Broadway, New York, NY 10025.


2504 Broadway at 93rd Street New York, New York 10025  |  Phone: 212.665.2504