April 15, 2020
Prayers for the Entertainment Industry
Dear HPN praying friends,
We hope you had a joyful Easter!!!! What a strange way to celebrate as we distance ourselves from one another physically, yet continue to reach out with love in creative ways! We heard a great reminder that though the churches were all empty this Easter, the tomb was empty as well! That’s something to celebrate! We are continuing to pray for the people in our community and ask that you especially ask the Lord to bring peace, a relief of stress, and a reminder of His promise that He will supply us with our daily bread! That’s what all of the thousands of freelancers need during this time. And keep reaching out with love, service, encouragement and prayer to anyone God puts on your heart or in your path. Let’s pray for Hollywood now.

Join us for a virtual National Day of Prayer gathering on Thursday, May 7th at 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time. HPN is celebrating our 27th annual NDoP gathering, and we hope you can all join us this year since it’s on Zoom (a video call platform)! Featuring worship from Michelle Lutz and great prayer leaders leading us through prayer for the global entertainment industry. Just click this link to register for this special online event: ndop2020.eventbrite.com.
National Day of Prayer
You can also join our Friday HPN Prayer Zoom Meeting every week from 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time, as we pray for our industry. Here is all the info you need to join:

Join Zoom Meeting by video:

Meeting ID: 563 585 089
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If you can't make the meeting, we would still love to pray for you as an HPN staff. Please share your prayer requests here.
woman wearing virtual reality headset
VR Church

We praise God that Christians are on the forefront of today’s media. HPN member DJ Soto leads a Virtual Reality (VR) Church that is growing in this coronavirus pandemic because it’s accessible from home. Let your non-Christian friends know about DJ’s church so that they can experience the Gospel in VR! Let’s pray that DJ’s unique church keeps reaching the most unexpected people with the love of Jesus!
Celebrities Use Influence for Good

Let’s celebrate what so many celebrities are doing to use their platform and influence for the greater good. We praise God that our entertainment community can gather together and help others on a large scale, and we thank Him that they are using their money and influence in selfless ways. Just one example: New Jerseyans Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, Charlie Puth, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Whoopi Goldberg, Danny DeVito, and soccer star Carli Lloyd are impacting their birth town!
Bruce Springsteen
cartoon beach and ferris wheel
Asian-American Film Festivals

HPN wants to celebrate diversity and inclusion in the Arts. Francis Cullado of the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival said, “We hope our communities have a more...heightened awareness of what the power of media is. While media can be used to destroy, our festivals utilize media to build and connect communities,” While some in the media have recently perpetuated the stereotyping and profiling of Asian people, let’s pray for the ongoing efforts of industry professionals and film festivals to use media and entertainment for good and for unity. Also, let’s pray that these festivals can continue digitally, so that more people across the globe can see positive examples of Asian culture in this time.
Pray for Creatives

Historically, in any national crisis, film, TV shows, and music have provided people with a distraction and a way to release anxiety. Let’s pray that during this pandemic, the creative community in Hollywood and around the world would create, develop and write programming that encourages, inspires, and brings hope to the world. One of the gifts the entertainment industry can give the world is to offer programming that releases the stress that times like this bring. Pray that filmmakers would use their platform to tell God’s truths and tell stories that matter - those that inspire, challenge and move the audiences. And that after the quarantine lifts there will be quality programming ready to go into production. And while you’re at it, enjoy some feel-good films.
forest gump
two men holding sound equipment
Pray for Behind-the-Scenes Industry Professionals

Our hearts, efforts, prayers and service continue to go out to the regular working industry professionals who are having trouble paying their bills, due to productions shutting down and production companies cutting back. Please join us in prayer for all of the people who are the backbone of our industry this week. Please lift up production crews, make-up artists, costumers, writers, directors, producers, accountants, drivers, security, prop masters, graphic artists, painters, etc. There are thousands of people who create a TV show, music video, film, video games and songs. And they all need our prayers so that they can continue to be creative and pay their bills!
We want to continue to honor the people in our industry who have died due to the coronavirus and ask that you pray for their family members, friends and fans to find peace during their time of mourning.  And let’s ask our God to turn this time of loss and fear into something beautiful, for we know that God loves all of these people so much and wants them to experience His love, peace, joy and hope.
In Memorium: Rick Bonn

We continue to remember industry professional and committed believer, Rick Bonn, who passed away last month from complications from pneumonia. We paid a tribute to him in our last Call Sheet with the wrong picture. It was not of Rick and his wife Shanda, but of Rick and one of his past writers. We apologize and want to set the record straight. So, here is a wonderful picture of Rick and Shanda. If you have any kind words you want to pass on to Shanda, the family is putting together a book of pictures and words from Rick's friends and associates. You can send them to Karen@hpnemail.org and we'll get them to Shanda.
Rick and Shanda Bonn
Rick and his wife Shanda
Thank you for your faithful prayers. Remember to join us in prayer for the people who are influencing our world through their creativity by joining us on our Friday Noon (Pacific) Prayer Call and our National Day of Prayer virtual gathering. 

With love,
Karen, Kaelyn, Virginia and Kim
Influence Women Online Webinar
Thursday, April 16 | 4 p.m. Pacific | Online
Join Influence Women Online, featuring interviews with Hollywood entertainment professionals like HPN's very own Karen Covell. Plus, Kathleen Cooke will share about a historic woman of influence "for such a time as this.” 

Act One Summer Programs
Applications are now open for the Summer 2020 slate of Act One cutting edge entertainment training programs including writing, producing, and a TV track. Check them out now.

Local Events
Don’t miss our other local events on our Hollywood Community Calendar. 
Check out what Montreal Chapter Director Dominic Boudreau did to encourage seniors:  
"One of the most important cylinders of [America's] engine of democracy is this industry, it’s the industry we work in. People count on [us] to make films like this to tell them the truth about what's going on, because they're not going to hear it anywhere else in the world we live in today.”

— Alec Baldwin, onstage after a screening of The Dissident, a feature documentary about the late journalist Jamal Khashoggi
Jerusalem, I have stationed guards on your walls. They must never be silent day or night. You who call out to the Lord must not give yourselves any rest. And don’t give him any rest until he makes Jerusalem secure. Don’t give him any peace until people all over the earth praise that city.
Isaiah 62:6‭-‬7 (NIRV)
A fun book to read during our quarantine:  Bell Hammers is a hilarious post-war historical novel about four generations of carpenters who chase a major oil company out of Illinois using practical jokes. It’s written by HPN’s NYC Chapter Director, Lancelot Schaubert.
Facing Anxiety and Worry

This week we’re facing one of the most powerful and debilitating emotions that we experience: anxiety/worry. God tells us over and over again in His Word that we are not to worry, we’re not to feel anxious, and yet we struggle with it every day. If we could truly trust God to give us wisdom, guide us in our thoughts and conversations and have the faith to let Him take care of the details of our life, we would feel freedom and joy, despite our circumstances. Let’s try to master a sense of peace by giving our anxiety and worry to Him this week!
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