An Astronomical Event of Cozy Proportions!
It's officially fall! That means it's time for us to unveil our new logo and colors. This season, we switched things up a bit with pumpkins in honor of the newly in-season plant! We used a combination of stone, glass and freshwater pearls to bring out our favorite warm colors on the color wheel. Plus, October screams celebrations! Check out a very special selection of beads for crafters looking for something scary. A new trunk show is coming and we're taking a deep dive into this month's birthstones! 
We hope to see you in-store this month, but if you can't make it, be sure to visit us online on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and our website
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Birthstones Abound
Don't let fall wardrobe changes stop with your clothes! Get your jewelry in the mix with this month's birthstones: opal and tourmaline. Both known for their immense range in colors, these stones have their own unique appeal. So, let's get technical and enjoy some photos from SLC's collection below. 
Opal is a bit of an Touchstone favorite with Kevin polishing new opal cabs weekly. These lovely little mineraloids are known for the amazing flashes of color they produce. Opal comes in black and white, as well as crystal, boulder and fire opal. The picture to the right has examples of all of those, as well as doublets and triplets. Opals don't just get their price tag for their color and shine. They can be quite difficult to work with as they are sometimes prone to cracking when exposed to too much light, when they're dried rapidly or just because they feel like it. This makes them difficult to polish, as they may break in midst of your hard work. Opal is also often found within another stone and it can be difficult to discern whether or not you'll polish right through your opal layer. Still, folks can't get enough of amazing opal! It's even the national gemstone of Australia.
October's other stone is tourmaline! Known as earth's most colorful gemstone, tourmaline is a natural beauty with many jewelry makers opting to use the stone in its original state. You can find tourmaline in any color you can dream of from transparent to opaque, multicolored or totally solid. Tourmaline is harder than opal with a rating of 7 - 7.5. It also has a wider range of values than opal with some varieties of tourmaline making others rich, while others are considered very affordable. For tourmaline, the value primarily stems from the color of the stone, with black being the most common. The most valuable is Paraiba Tourmaline because of its rarity. The most popular kind of tourmaline is Watermelon Tourmaline which, as you might guess, is green and pink and often comes in a triangular shape. Tourmaline is easily identifiable by its often triangular or hexagonal shape, vertical grooves called striations, and indistinct cleavage. 
October Bead Picks
October is a month that makes people scream with delight! Add a touch of scary to your next project with these select beads from Touchstone. 
Dive into our brightly painted beads to find these shiny pumpkins, detailed owls in a bevy of colors and a classic black cat. Look over to the metal charms to find springy square beads that look like bales of hay. Then head over to the color coded beads to find some blue and bronze skeleton parts: hands and feet are surrounded by skulls of all sorts. Take a look at the bone and tooth beads to find some more abstract off-white skulls. Plus, we've restocked wooden skull bracelets for those who want to add macabre style without the work. If you're looking for something not listed or pictured here, or you just need help looking around, be sure to ask an associate or send us a message on Facebook
Monthly Classes 
Normally, this is the part that many of you look forward to. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer classes this October as well. We went through even more staff changes and currently do not have enough beads staff to host classes. While that is unfortunate, we will be back eventually after making some changes to our operations. If you are in the Springfield area and want to lend a hand, give us a call! We are looking for a skilled crafter/stone lover to join our bead team. 
In the mean time, you can check out our YouTube channel, which has some vintage instruction and our beading kits that have written instruction. 
To be the first to find out when we add classes, be on the look out for our next newsletter and check out our weekly events on Facebook. Due to this month's circumstances, any changes in schedule will very likely be updated on Facebook first. Subscribe to our events page to be notified as soon as we add an event. 
One Last Thing! 
Thank you so much for joining us once again! Be sure to keep up with us on social media for updates on our upcoming trunk show. If you're in the Springfield, MO area and you'd like to join the Touchstone team, we are looking for a rockhound to join us. Give us a call to inquire: 417-881-0223.
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