Photography by Kyle J. Caldwell
Feature Project
Seaside Cohasset Cape

This quaint seaside  1830's Cape had a kitchen that seemed closed off from the surrounding living & dining areas. The goal for this project was to open up the space as much as possible while staying within the existing footprint and allowing for increased views to the water.  A wall and columns were removed and opening between dining & living space enlarged and a small office space was integrated into the main living area and a new office space was defined with double sliding barn doors.

An existing butler's pantry was reconfigured, opened up and converted in to a wine bar with custom reclaimed mahogany shelves. This project abounds with charming custom details that are worth a second look. 
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Named "Best of Houzz" 2018!

We were recently awarded the Best of Houzz award distinction in the Service category for providing our clients with exemplary service and an unmatched building & remodeling experience. A huge thanks to all of our clients who provided 5 star reviews earning us this award for the 4th consecutive year!
Design & Detail Spotlight
Accent Lighting 

Lighting or lack thereof can really make or break a space.  Many people think of lighting in terms of what is appropriate for performing specific tasks but strategically placed accent lighting can create drama & increase the impact of a specific design element.

From our projects...
The custom mahogany floating shelves (pictured above right) from our Seaside Cape remodel were outfitted with recessed LED lights that illuminate and highlight the glassware & decorative accessories but they are very low profile allowing the shelves and their contents to be the star. 

The directional recessed lighting in the custom bookshelf photo from one of our latest basement renovations (bottom left) really brings a sense of drama to the bookshelf architecture. The  backlit bathroom vanity mirror (bottom center) creates a soft ambient glow and makes the mirror appear to float off of the wall.

Accent lighting can also be it's own design element creating visual interest and even focal points within a room, as is the case with the crystal chandelier(bottom right). 

Planning is key...
Be sure to make lighting a part of your planning process. If working with an architect or designer, have them draw up an electrical or lighting plan that outlines the specific locations and different types of lighting fixtures you want in your finished space. Planning for lighting in advance will help you to consider the overall design and how light impacts each area. 

Product Spotlight
Tunable LED lighting 

LED lighting has exploded on the home renovation and building scene due to it's many benefits; from the lighting elements being cool to the touch, so inherently safer and less likely to combust to their unmatched longevity & energy saving benefits. Even with these benefits some are hesitant to make the switch because they love the warm glow of an incandescent bulb. 

Enter: Tunable LED lighting! Tunable LED lighting allows for the color temperature of the bulb to be adjusted in various ways.  A Light's temperature (or color) is measured in "Kelvins" the higher the Kelvin number the cooler (or more blue) the light, the lower the Kelvin number the warmer (or more yellow) the light.  With a tunable LED light you are able to switch from the bright true white light to a softer yellow toned light. Tunable LED's typically fit in 1 of 3 categories:

Dim to Warm -Starts at a true bright white and warms to a soft yellow light when dimmed. 

White tunable - delivers variable white color tones from cool to warm without having to dim the bulb and usually offers more flexibility in tone range. 

Full color tunable - delivers the highest range of color options from bright true white to all or most of the colors of the rainbow.

Not all fixtures and switches can accommodate tunable LED lighting. If you would like to incorporate them into your next project be sure to check with your Pro and plan for it well in advance of the rough electrical phase. 

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Swedish Blueberry Glogg

Carpenter Dale Hermanson's traditional family recipe for Glogg, a Swedish mulled wine was recently featured in Edible Maine Magazine's winter issue! Dale's cousin Gary Hermanson tweaked the old family recipe and made it fit for the pages of the magazine in their "Last Bite" segment. 

This drink is perfect for warming your soul on a cold winter night with warm bold wine and spirits steeped with earthy cardamom, cinnamon, clove and almond.
Photo courtesy of Edible Maine Magazine
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