Policy Digest

August 2018
Why does MPV advocate for Freedom of Religion or Belief?
Muslims for Progressive Values’ advocacy for freedom of religion or belief (FoRB) is predicated on the Qur’anic precept “let there be no compulsion in religion.”

Unfortunately, many communities (Muslim and non-Muslim) ignore this teaching, and appropriate religion to justify all sorts of human-rights violations. In effect, religion is being used to justify human-rights abuse, such as FGM/C and gender violence, and suppress women’s right to self-determination and expression by limiting access to education, stifling economic mobility, and placing unfair social expectations in the name of “honor.”

Although these abuses are fundamentally religious, and not political, it is important to note that these narratives should not be confused with the teachings of Islam, or any other religion with which they are associated; rather, as the Moroccan religious authorities recently concluded, they are just political tools. Hence, to end these sorts of abuses, especially in the Muslim world, it is necessary to promote Freedom of Religion and Belief.
Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom

Advocating for Human Rights at the US Department of State

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Ministerial Side Events:

  • Engaging Transformative Religious Narratives for the Elimination of  Violence Against Women and Girls; 
  • Religious Freedom in the Human Rights Framework

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Why does MPV advocate for Human Rights in Sustainable Development?
Muslims for Progressive Values conceptualizes the Sustainable Development Goals as a framework by which the human rights of all can be achieved and sustained.

Forms of discrimination on grounds of nationality, religious affiliation, ethnicity,  gender and sexuality, and any other prohibited grounds of discrimination manifest as social and material detriments. Put simply, discriminatory laws, policies, and social practices obstruct sustainable development and undergird the violation of non-derogable human rights.

We affirm that all Voluntary National Reviews should reflect an understanding of the linkages between human rights and sustainable development. This is a matter of policy coherence that all relevant stakeholders must achieve if the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development will be realized, especially given that the Agenda is guided by the mantra “leaving no one behind.”

In this vein, unchecked religious and cultural fundamentalisms and extremisms—which marginalize and make vulnerable certain groups of people—should be framed as an obstacle to sustainable human and economic development.
MPV at the High-Level
Political Forum

Fighting for Human Rights in Development Policy

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Symposium on Freedom of Religion and Belief, Cultural Rights, and Women

Exploring Interlinkages and Synergies Between Policy, Religion, Culture and Women's Rights

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