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TFAA programs
You are invited to the "We R OST"
unveiling on June 24th

The Texan French Alliance for the Arts and its From a Space to a Place team are excited to collaborate with OST/SU, South East Houston Transformation Alliance, and Agape Development to unveil the "We R OST" program that the students have given life to. 

"We R OST" is a project where youth council members in OST/SU Super Neighborhood 68 worked together to bring awareness to local organizations that help their community be a better place. 

There will be a tour that will feature 10 doors unveiling the impact that several organizations and individuals have in the community. Each one will showcase art, photography, and inspiring messages to the community. 

The doors will be located throughout local areas, such as the park at Palm Center and Community Garden, Restoration Community Park, Beacon of Light Christian Center, and Agape Development Ministries

*Youth Council, SEHTA and Civic Club, Agape Development, The Cotton Family, The Johnson Family, Dwight Boykins, Restoration Church, Beacon of Light Christian Center, Leaders in Schools, HIS Sports League and Mr. Ellis are represented on each door.​​​​​​

A huge thanks to all OST/SU students, professionals, teachers, volunteers, and organizations (including SEHTA, Agape development) for being such great partners with us on this project and helping bring awareness and positivity into the community. Special thanks to Gwen Fedrick, Anne Vickers, Carroll Parrott Blue, Karine Parker-Lemoyne, Priscilla Kennedy, Marquisha Reed, Breanna Cotton, Ava Germany-Carter, Marcia Walker-McWilliams, Caroline Quenemoen, Caroline Edmundson, Britain Venner, Alyssa Chavez, Kristina Olguin, Anne-Lise Billeri, Mary Anne Pennington, Adrienne Marty and Ellis Johnson for your great spirit, commitment and faith in the Youth.

Saturday, June 24th from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. 
5202 Griggs Road
Houston, TX, 77021

Be the Peace Be the Hope Summer Program
Be the Peace Be the Hope (BTPBTH) has been given the opportunity to collaborate with iEducate to help teach young students about discovering and sharing their positive values, coming together as a community, engaging in the classroom and learning about how to spread peace and hope to others.

BTPBTH collaboration with iEducates summer enrichment program came to a close on June 21st. We were successfully able to reach out to over 400 elementary school students to bring artistic relief, healing therapy, and peace and hope to these students. 

iEducate consists of teachers, volunteers, and coordinators, like the Texan French Alliance for the Arts,  that teach underserved students at various underperforming schools across Houston during the summer and school year. 

BTPBTH is contributing to their summer enrichment camp by providing artistic relief. Each workshop's goal is  reinforce their sense of identity, cooperation and partnership, their ability to transform positively the world around them and to project themselves into a more positive future and ultimately bring hope into their lives.  They teach them to express their feelings, communicate nonviolently, and learn how to listen to other people's ideas. 

Many thanks to the iEducate team for allowing BTPBTH to collaborate with them to help teach these amazing kids!
Thanks to ieducate USA, Schlumberger, Total, ENGIE North America, Axens North America Inc, H-E-B for making this happen!

The summer camp started June 5th and ended Jun 21st. 
 A From A Space To A Place program
in partnership with Yes Prep Northside and its students, Avenue, Go Neighborhoods and Mary Anne Pennington
The Eyes of the Northside had a successful unveiling on June 21st at AVENUE. Yes Prep Northside students and teachers, team members of AVENUE, and The TFAA team came together to help celebrate the new community mural. 

The Eyes of the Northside was created by the From A Space To A Place students as an invitation for the Youth of the Northside to cultivate Hope and positive actions in their community. 

In case you missed the unveiling, you can visit the mural at any time! 
It's located in the Avenue homeownership parking lot at 672 Quitman St. Houston,TX. 

A huge thank you to all our partners, teachers, students, volunteers and sponsors including Avenue CDC, GO Neighborhoods Northside Houston,YES Prep Public Schools- Northside Campus, Jaimie Griffiths, Schlumberger, Engie North America, Total, Axens and our special Texan-French Alliance for the Arts summer program team, Kristina Olguin and Juliette Prehu (as well as her parents Natasha Prehu and Bertrand Prehu). Special thanks to Mary Anne Pennington for contributing so brilliantly to create the design and Jenifer Wagley and Jason Jonathan Rivas for your input, for finding the wall, for your support and your friendship.


This event hosted musicians, dancers, and artisans from different cultures. There was also food from different refugee and immigrant based restaurants that attendees can taste. 

BTPBTH had a booth at this event, to spread awareness about how we can build bridges of Hope and understanding. BTPBTH's team even got to meet the mayor of Houston and                                                                         snap a picture. 

World Refugee Day is a day where we all come together to celebrate "the courage, strength and determination of women, men and children forced to flee their homes under the threat of persecution, conflict and violence."
Be the Peace Be the Hope
featured on National CBS Hidden Heroes.
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Many thanks to all our supporters, partners, contributors, volunteers including Dr Zahra Jamal, Noel Bezette-Flores, Teta Banks, Dan Riley, Rosalyn Mayo, Eisha Maryam Khan, Naiyolis Palomo, Leila Kng, Cynthia Joelle, Cecilia Norman, Alexis Lex Parker, Nishtha Joshi, Ali Campos, Fadila Kibsgaard, Susan and Xavier Balourdet, Curry Glassell, Marjon Fatemizadeh Aucoin, Maryam Fatemizadeh Lumpkin, Dimitri Jungurra, John Price, Virginie Lefevre, Jane and Sujiro Seam, Mickey Henry, Paul Gerson, Yvonamor Palix, Thierry Simien, Shirin Herman, Issa Combary, Achille Traoré, Julie Guifayi, Leopold Ouoba, Ghislaine Gatho Bavukahe, Gogo Hukportie, Mahoua Parums, Cheffou Aboulaye, Phil Manulwa, Christine Angelani, Thony NGumbu, Mohamed Ouatt, Assita Zagre, Diamani Damiba, Hamade Lompo, Kristina Olguin, Juliette Prehu, Rebecca J. Hopp, Caroline Edmundson, Britain Nicole Venner, Anne-Lise Billeri, Patricia Rozenberg, Mégane Primault, Patricia Park, Lee Carrier, Elise Sheppard Couture,John Bernhard, David Godwin, Lina Corinth, Ghislaine Thomsen, Sacha Lazarre, Irada Akhoundova, Saida Fagala, Theresa Burgess, Savannah Hyams, Jessica Green, Rachel Gonzales, Linda Steven, Sebastien Boileau and Lisa Carlos, Alice, Lucille and Margot Thevoux-Chabuel, Sarah Perkins, Patricia Pilenko, Diana Chauveau, Dos Bavuhake, Christian Morales, Vipin Kumar, Yu Ru Huang, Nathan Melvin, Sarah Howell, Ms. Moreno, Roopa Gir, Arun Gir and all the educators, volunteers, sponsors (Including Engie North America Total, Schlumberger, Axens, H-E-B) partnering organizations (including Texan-French Alliance for the Arts, The Boniuk Institute for Religious Tolerance at Rice University, Hidden Heroes, The Boniuk Foundation, University of Houston-Downtown, Houston Independent School District, Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District, Harris County Public Library, Houston Public Library, The City of Houston, IEDA Relief, EFGH Education Francaise Greater Houston, French Consulate in Houston) and students for your past, present and future support and to help make Be the Peace - Be the Hope everyday a reality that keeps impacting positively more and more lives.
With gratitude, Karine Parker-Lemoyne.
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