Volume 10, Issue 12
December, 2017
Greetings from CoachDeck!

Happy New Year! As the clock ticks down on another year let us all look back on the many fantastic experiences we had in 2017 because of our affiliation with youth sports. These are memories we'll cherish forever. Here's to many more in 2018!

In this issue: Baseball instruction expert Doug Bernier brings us his second terrific piece on the mental approach to hitting. Every coach and player must read! On the ten year anniversary of CoachDeck's launch Brian Gotta looks back...and ahead. And Stan Popovich returns with a short, but sweet, message to athletes who worry about their competitors.

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Mental Side of Hitting (Part 2)
By Doug Bernier

Instead of tying our success to how many hits we are getting, having achievable, repeatable objectives (we’re calling them “attainable goals”) will help our consistency and keep our emotions in check. How do you know when your mentality as a hitter has you headed for trouble? Read Article
Ten Years - What We've Learned
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

The release of today's issue of OnDeck marks the anniversary, almost to the day, of our CoachDeck launch ten years ago. When that very first, small batch of decks came from the manufacturer we didn't know if we'd still be sitting here ten years later looking at them in our warehouse. But then we started sending them out to youth leagues around the country and right away we knew we were on to something.​​​​​​​ Read Article
Do Not Stress Over Your Competition in Sports
By Stan Popovich

Many athletes sometimes get anxious when they go against a tough opponent. They get nervous on who they are competing with and they get so worked up that they lose focus on playing their sport. Read Article