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Coronavirus Update from Scampers
posted March 6, 2020

This has been a very difficult week for all of us as the Novel Coronavirus has affected all of our lives to at least some degree. We are unsettled and we are fearful. Some of our neighbors have lost loved ones. Some of our neighbors are ill.

We're a community, though, and communities pull together and pull through. We hope you all can stay safe and healthy as we progress through this phase.

We have noticed a significant decline in attendance, certainly the result of the number of organizations who are directing their staffers to work from home, and many of those staffers have pooches who are Scampers dogs.

Please note that if you are working from home, you may find your pooches need the outlet of a romp with friends. Scampers is here for you, and we remind you that we can help your active pooches "get their ya-yas out"! Remember, a tired dog is a good dog.
Do let us know if you plan to keep your pooches at home for an extended period, and, on the flip side, when you plan to bring your pooches back. It's important we keep our staffing levels appropriate to maintain safety for your pooches.
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