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I was feeling disgruntled yesterday morning, because it was overcast and wet-ish and grey. I usually feel so hopeful in the early morning hours, after I've done my sadhana (a meditative ritual practice to re-connect me with spirit and The Authentic Self) but driving down Robertson in the gloomy weather, I was like, "Meh. I'm gonna call Teigh"--my BFF, these 30 years.

Perhaps my better nature came over me and was like, "Grrl, keep that to yourself. Don't go spreading your negative vibe around. It'll pass."

The phone rings through the BlueTooth.


It's Teigh. She 's in a great mood, connecting for Friend Duty, a habit we've adopted.

The surprise, synchronicity and satisfaction make me smile huge and my heart melts. A bit of joy added to my ride and I'm back on track, ready to be in greater service to the planet and others. I'm re-aligned with The Divine and prepared to spread love as my purpose and calling.

Perhaps it a call from a loved-one that adds joy to your life, or maybe it's you stepping out of the ordinary pattern and generating some joy, yourself.

Certainly, you can count on something from the exterior to enter, but will you notice it? It requires receptivity--an attitude of openness,  to take in and host your own joy. You can also take joy-provoking actions, intentionally and these will raise your awareness to happiness as well as your vibration. When you start vibrating higher, you also magnetically attract higher quality experiences and people.

SWERVE is home to good vibes. Add joy by pre-registering for one of our pop-up classes this month and uplift everything.


Gillian Alexandria Clark
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