"I am glad to hear that Sen. Cory Booker is not planning to run for president in 2020, because I am not at all interested in supporting him for the White House," said Lisa McCormick, a Democratic candidate for governor in New Jersey who is tied into a statewide network of Bernie Sanders supporters. "Cory Booker was an absentee mayor in Newark, where he unleashed police suppression of civil rights and a record of brutality that justified federal intervention to restore liberty, before laying off a third of his law enforcement manpower and letting crime rates rise to new record levels."

"Booker used public office as a shortcut to personal wealth, but his blind ambition does not disguise a neoconservative record that would decimate free public education, personal freedom and privacy or the integrity we deserve from our government," said McCormick. "You cannot be a progressive champion and Chris Christie's YouTube co-star or advocate of public school privatization. You cannot be a progressive champion and use a public office to get rich or accept millions from Wall Street and conservatives like Foster Friess."

McCormick is waging a grassroots campaign in the upcoming June Democratic gubernatorial primary to stop Wall Street billionaire Phil Murphy and Assemblyman John Wisniewski, a 21-year Trenton insider who exploit taxpayers by peddling influence for personal gain.

McCormick said educational inequality is a civil rights issue, buying elections is a direct assault on democracy and cheating taxpayers for self-enrichment is stealing.

"Booker, Murphy and Wisniewski are all part of the same corrupt political establishment that has given us the indicted Sen. Bob Menendez and so many problems they defy listing," McCormick said. "I will keep fighting to restore integrity to New Jersey's electoral system to rid us of these parasites, so we can get on with addressing injustice, segregation, wealth inequality, unsolved crimes, unfair high property taxes, failing schools and financial recklessness at all levels of government. Only a clean sweep will satisfy our needs, so I urge everyone to sign up at www.democratsforchange.net to be part of the political revolution and resistance."

McCormick says she will ask New Jersey lawmakers to enact mandated target of reducing carbon emissions to 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2030.

"The environmental climate poses decided risks for Trump and Republicans wh ochoose to ignore climate science, energy innovation, clean air emissions and automobile fuel standards," McCormick said. "I would rather fight political and legal battles than make the next generation struggle with scientific and technological challenges to life itself."

McCormick says New Jersey lawmakers who failed Atlantic City have no room to complain about emergency measures, because they created the process now being used by Republicans to cheat public employees and taxpayers.

"It requires remarkably little courage to criticize Republican Gov. Chris Christie now, but when John Wisniewski voted to enact draconian budget cuts on June 29, 2011, he displayed the cowardice for which he is famous," McCormick said. "The remarks about the municipal takeover do not sound like something one should expect to hear from the same body that created the crisis, failed to respond to a billion dollar cut from education, having Planned Parenthood defunded and let pensioners be cheated. Once again, hypocrisy is the order of the day from Trenton insiders and Wall Street denizens who were silent when they could have helped."

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