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We started our week at the Jewish Home Family with an evening of inspiration.  Bret Parker, the executive director of the New York City Bar Association, spent an evening with us to talk about his experience completing seven marathons on seven continents in seven days.  That’s an amazing feat in and of itself but what made it more remarkable is the fact that Bret has Parkinson’s disease.  He was diagnosed with PD more than 12  years ago, when he was just 38 years old.  After he was diagnosed, Bret took on a series of physical challenges to raise funds for the Michael J. Fox Foundation.  He ran marathons, he skydived and then the ultimate challenge, the event referred to as 7/7/7.  We had a full house of residents and community members who were glued to Bret’s story.  They also had many questions and a lively conversation after the formal comments.  We even broadcast the event livestream on Facebook and had quite a number of folks watching it from other locations!

One of the folks watching at home was a member of our Rehab team. She was inspired by the story and thought about a patient she was working with, a man who’d had a stroke and was recovering, a man who had been a marathon runner.  His last day of therapy was the next day so she created a 26.2 foot course, complete with finish line tape and together they walked the “marathon” within the Rehab department.  It was a great moment of creativity and patient focus and a great tribute to Bret and his inspiration!

Tuesday evening was the Jewish Home Family’s annual meeting and we also had a capacity crowd. We talked about many of the accomplishments of the last year and our plans for the year ahead. We showed a video on our innovative Parkinson’s program which you can watch here: . We also elected board members and a new president for the Jewish Home at Rockleigh board. JoAnn Hassan Perlman is the new president, following Gayle Gerstein who was a great president for the past three years. Chair of the Jewish Home Family continues to be Carol Silberstein, president of the Jewish Home Assisted Living board is Peter Martin, president of the Jewish Home Foundation board is Jon Furer. We thank all of them for their dedication and commitment to the Jewish Home Family. (click here for photos from the annual meeting)


(click below for video presentation about our innovative Parkinson's programming screened at the meeting).

Other great events this week included Sunday’s fun of the JFCS Wheels to Meals bike ride that begins and ends at the Rockleigh campus. While our residents may not be riding in the event, they are the official cheering section and both they and the riders love it. We did have Team Jewish Home represented as well. Of course we also had wonderful Father’s Day celebrations at both Jewish Home Assisted Living and the Jewish Home at Rockleigh.


Jewish Home Assisted Living residents marked the longest day of the year by participating in the “longest day” event to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Foundation. All told, they raised $150 for Alzheimer’s research (click for photos and video of the release). At the Gallen Center, the “summer sizzles” began this week. They had a new discussion program called “Hot topics” which was a current events discussion facilitated by a volunteer. They also loved a special “summer solstice” magic show on Wednesday.

We continue to learn Tai Chi with Professor Fumin Xue. Fumin is teaching staff classes on both campuses and resident classes at Jewish Home Assisted Living, the Gallen Day Center and the Jewish Home at Rockleigh. We are so fortunate to have him sharing his expertise with us.


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Volunteer Opportunities


  • Personal Shoppers needed on Wednesdays, 11:30 – 2:00 at the Jewish Home Assisted Living in River Vale
  • Rock Steady Boxing for residents with Parkinson’s Disease, morning hours at the Jewish Home Assisted Living in River Vale and the Jewish Home at Rockleigh.
  • Opening Minds Through Art for residents with dementia. Choose from Monday, 9:45, at Jewish Home at Rockleigh, Wednesday, 9:45, at Jewish Home Assisted Living in River Vale, Thursdays, 1:15 at Gallen Adult Day Center in Rockleigh.
  • Maintaining well-used library at the Jewish Home at Rockleigh.


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