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Issue 2 Volume 3 April 2009
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What Makes an ODP Player?
Why the Economy Doesn't Affect Sports
A Little Praise Can Go a Long Way
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Hello from CoachDeck!
Finally, the snow has melted, (for most of us), the sun is shining and it's time to go back outside. For soccer-loving kids, being out on the field is as good as it gets.
If you'd like to know how to get those kids to the next level, we've included a great article below on what it takes to become an ODP player. And if you're simply looking for some tips on how to effectively communicate with kids who just want to have fun, Pam Champagne, the Sports Parenting Coach makes it easy. Finally, Brian Gotta has some good news about the economy as it relates to youth sports.
As always, we encourage you to contact us with any questions or suggestions, and we appreciate your interest in CoachDeck.

Best wishes,
 What Makes an Olympic Development Player?  Tom Turner
By Tom Turner, Ohio State North Director of Coaching

Many young soccer players are probably wondering what it takes to become an "elite" player at the State Regional or even National ODP level. While some players have good technical skills, others have speed, and still others can kick the ball a long way or are strong in the air. Is it any one thing, which makes a player get noticed? Read Article
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 Brian GottaWhy the Economy Doesn't Affect Youth Sports 
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

In tough economic times, people have to make difficult decisions. But what we're seeing is that even in the hardest-hit areas, parents are putting their kids first. Families may be doing without things, but they are still finding a way to make sure Johnny and Jenny can play sports. Read More
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 Even a Little Praise Can Go a Long Way Pam Champagne
By Pam Richmond Champagne, The Sports Parenting Coach

"You did quite well, Amy, but I know you can do better." How many parents, when giving praise to their young athlete, kill all the joy out of it by adding the dreaded, "but." Read Article