Weekly Devotional by Jim Bramlett - May 13, 2020 

Our Greatest Gift

Okay, I would be lying if I did not agree that our greatest gift is life itself.  That is what God has bestowed upon each of us.  But let’s pretend that is like the ante of poker game, we all start with that.

I set about writing this absolutely trying not to mention the pandemic we are all currently facing.  I’m going to stick to that, but hopefully you will correlate what I am about to say with what we all are facing.

So if we set aside life itself as the greatest gift God has bestowed upon us, I would argue that God’s gift of choice is really it.  God didn’t create us as drones or robots that are programmed to react in certain ways under certain conditions.  He gave us the gift of a brain, a conscience and a soul which collectively helps form the choices we make. But we do get to make choices, like every day, hour and second.

We are choosing the steps we take, the motions with our arms, hands and body. We are choosing to speak and the words we use to speak.  Even if repetitive and sub-conscious, we are making millions of choices every single day.

As a child we start learning that the choices we make have consequences.  If we choose to cry as a baby, we learn that the consequences are often being held and hugged (hopefully).  We learn that if we laugh and take our first steps, the consequences are it makes people around us happy and even taking pictures.

As we grow older we learn that the choice of friends we make can have both positive and negative consequences, but we ultimately as we age we learn that we do have choice and there are consequences good and bad.

We have a choice to believe in God.  We have a choice to believe that God exists in another person.  We have a choice in practicing our faith and giving of ourselves to others.  Oh my, if you think about it, choosing can be very scary.  Thankfully, many of us have been counseled on making good choices and yet we are confronted each and every day to make the good ones.  But we don’t always know in advance that our choices will lead to great consequences.  Thankfully, we have prayer.  We pray we make the right choices that end up with the very best consequences and we have to pray all the time for this.  Not bad.

I’ll end with this.  As we face this pandemic, we are definitely confronted with choices.  God made it so.  It’s his gift to us.  May we all pray that we make the best choices we can and put our faith in God that he will lead us every day to enrich our lives, keep us healthy and continue to cherish this life we have and the choices we make.

Jim Bramlett and his wife Pam have been members of Saint Andrew for over 10 years and Jim can be reached at jim@jimbramlett.com

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Some of our responsibilities include serving communion and sharing the Prayer of Thanksgiving.  We also help out with special services such as the Ash Wednesday, Easter Sunrise Service,  Remembrance Service and Christmas Eve Services.  

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